Jupiter in Taurus: Your Astrological Lucky Horoscope

How Jupiter Is Now Shaping Your Star Sign and What This Means for You
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How Jupiter affects your zodiac sign
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The current effects of the lucky planet Jupiter

The great planet of luck Jupiter is currently in the sign of Taurus and is now having a different effect on the 12 signs of the zodiac. On 24 May 2024 , it will move into the sign of Gemini, after which the cards will be reshuffled. But we will discuss these constellations when the change takes place, now we are focussing on Jupiter in Taurus.


So what do Jupiter's gifts look like for all of us at the moment?

Very different, as Jupiter forms different angles to the 12 signs of the zodiac . The angles are also known as aspects . An important realisation when we look at astrology is that events in the cosmos are based on mathematics and geometric shapes. And through the course of the celestial bodies, which they form among themselves, different rhythms are created, in which our karmic pasts are also stored, it seems. These different rhythms and aspects that emanate from the celestial bodies are then transferred to us and cause a wide variety of effects on us. In any case, we feel them, consciously or unconsciously, and also act consciously or unconsciously. However, we also have freedom of will, which is why we can still act according to our own ideas despite all the planetary influences. That's why an ancient saying goes: the stars don't force us, they only make us inclined.

 Mysterious cosmos

All these effects emanating from the stars are still completely mysterious to us, we know practically very little about them. And the little that we do know comes from highly intuitive people who are gifted with the ability to receive such spiritual insights. The Creator of heaven and earth therefore only allows us to recognise a little bit of his incomprehensible power . And we have gained this little bit of knowledge through thousands of years of experience , which is why we can and should use this valuable knowledge to our advantage.

Jupiter in Taurus brings luck
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'Sacred geometry', as the ancient initiates reverently called it, affects us through a vast array of forms that can be beautifully symmetrical, which appeals to our sense of beauty, but can also be asymmetrical. And what we learn about geometry at school is just a few basic concepts. But sacred geometry is at home in the infinity of the cosmos and not in our tiny classrooms. However, this concept of space characterises our knowledge of geometry in relation to the actual conditions.

The power of Jupiter

Jupiter always has a fundamentally positive effect. But when he is at so-called critical angles (aspects) to us, we have to be careful, because then we have to be careful with the abundance he offers us. That is all. To a certain extent, abundance also has to do with arrogance. And of the seven deadly sins that we want to avoid, pride is not in first place for no reason.


We must therefore remain sensible and not lose our sense of proportion when Jupiter pours out his gifts and is at a critical angle to us. Pride can be very noticeable at critical angles. It could tempt us into reckless behaviour due to the abundance it offers. So now we have to be careful and sensible, because as we all know, the "fall" (or even the failure) comes after pride - as the proverb reminds us. However, pride also has the characteristic that it is often not so easy to recognise.

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The geometric basics

How are the current angles or aspects formed by Jupiter to all the zodiac signs? Let's take a look at that now.

But first a few explanations. One sign covers 30 degrees. 12 signs with 30 degrees each form the circle, which therefore covers 360 degrees.

Jupiter and its effects

Now a little more about the effects of Jupiter, which are basically positive , although there are also tensions or critical aspects whose negative effects can be avoided through common sense. We will mark them with a "minus". If there is a "minus", then you need to be careful. And if you remain sensible, then Jupiter's positive gifts will also materialise.

Both ⚺extiles and quincunxes have both positive and tense effects, which is why we characterise this situation with a "plus" and a "minus".

With the positive aspects of Jupiter there are

Jupter brings luck
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3 degrees of strength: The strongest effect comes from the conjunction - that is Jupiter standing together with a planet - and we rate this conjunction with three "pluses". So it looks like this: Plus - Plus - Plus.



The second strongest effects are the two trines . So two "pluses": plus - plus.

And the third strongest effect comes from the two ⚹extiles , which are rated with one "plus": Plus.

Overview of Jupiter's positions

As already mentioned, Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus and now forms the following aspects to each of the 12 signs:

Entry Angle and aspect Effect
aries (21 March - 19 April) ⚺ 30° Plus / Minus
taurus (20 April - 20 May) ☌ 0° Plus / Plus / Plus
gemini (21 May - 20 June) ⚺ 30° Plus / minus
cancer (21 June - 22 July) ⚹ 60° Plus
leo (23 July - 22 August) □ 90° Minus
 virgo (23 August - 22 September) △ 120° Plus / Plus
Libra (23 September - 22 October) ⚻ 150° Plus / minus
Scorpio (23 October - 21 November) ☍ 180° Minus
sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) ⚻ 150° Plus / minus
♑ Capricorn (22 December - 19 January) △ 120° Plus / Plus
aquarius (20 January - 18 February) □ 90° Minus
pisces (19 February - 20 March) ⚹ 60° Plus


Consequences of the positions

So now we know what effect Jupiter is currently having on us all. Those who are consciously aware of this and work on it will strengthen things in a positive direction. However, we know from experience that when Jupiter is in a very strong position - i.e. with the one conjunction and the two trines - it often has an auspicious effect without us having done anything to bring it about. As if by itself ! Yes, and these are often the really great moments of happiness in life, which are usually unique and which make us marvel that something like this is even possible! "Jupiter on all our paths" is a well-known wish that astrologers like to make. And we love to hear it too. So again: Jupiter on all our paths!


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