Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant

Creative & Intelligent Spirit
Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant

Creative & Intelligent Spirit

Aquarius Ascendant

Those with an Aquarius Ascendant can be idealistic in their thought processes. There's a way things should be, and they shouldn't be. Why isn't the world fair and equal? Nevertheless, they develop many ideas to participate actively and shape their environment because they instinctively know that nothing is worse than stagnation.

They draw the attention of others through their creative and intelligent spirit but aren't likely to enjoy the limelight. They don't consistently implement their ideas because they don't enjoy being the main focus of attention. They also hesitate, so they aren't required to take responsibility.

Aquarius ascendant people attach great importance to individuality and free self-development. They don't want to be subordinate to the masses, and they certainly don't want to adhere to rigid and often outdated rules. Having to submit to others contradicts their self-confidence and is why they often feel outside of society and watch people from a distance. At the same time, they love and covet their independence and flexibility.

They are very friendly and open-minded when dealing with others but can be unattached. The fear of losing their individuality and independence is always at the root of their decisions. If they think they are overly committed to anything from events to people, they quickly feel threatened and withdraw.

It is difficult for Aquarius Ascendants to commit themselves wholeheartedly to someone that doesn't "get them" in relationships. However, if you let Aquarius Ascendant people enjoy their emotional, physical, and psychological freedom, they can be loyal and loving partners. 

Strengths of Aquarius Ascendants

Aquarius Ascendants have the zodiac sign, Leo, as a descendant. If they can learn to convert their highly creative power into something tangible, they can step into who they are and enjoy the spotlight.

They are energetic, determined, independent, free, unconventional, progressive, enthusiastic, creative, humane, idealistic, intuitive, witty, original, liberal.


Weaknesses of the Aquarian Ascendants

They tend towards being unsteady, aimless, neurotic, dissolute, extravagant, eccentric, vicious. But, on the other hand, they can be sensual, faithless, passionate, stubborn, shaky, confused, rebellious, immoral.

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