Gemini Sun Gemini Rising - The Most Talkative Social Butterfly

This is the Gemini that has to have many friends and always has something to say
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Gemini Sun / Gemini Rising
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To truly understand this strong Gemini combination, one needs to look at the mythology behind it. Mercury rules Gemini, and in Greek mythology, Mercury was Hermes, messenger of the gods. He could fly and run at speeds greater than any of the other gods, and was the god of trade and travelers. He was the only god able to travel between the world of the gods, mortals and the underworld.

Hermes was the ultimate communicator passing on messages to mortals through his magical staff during their sleep. He could also be sly and a bit of a mischief maker, able to use his wit to get his way with others – hence Gemini’s known duality of character.


A Gemini Rising Gemini Sun person was put on this Earth to deliver messages and communicate with others. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg may not be a Gemini; however, his North Node is in Gemini, and his platform connected the world.

How to Recognize Gemini Sun Gemini Rising 

A Gemini with a Gemini Ascendant is usually slender with bird-like features. They may have a high forehead and a straight nose with a face that is very expressive. They move around fast, and love traveling in their cars. They are trendy, can be quite fashionable and always need to express themselves, although they make great listeners too.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Career 

When it comes to their career, this person’s Midheaven is ruled by Pisces and their 6th House of every day work is ruled by Scorpio. This person is meant to communicate in a way that touches the masses and brings transformation to people’s lives. Technology will touch them in some aspect of their career and this person could be an athlete, where their speed is an advantage, a model where their slender appearance helps with their career or involved in general media. They are excellent in any sales, marketing or PR positions. They could also be social influencers. They will become quite obsessed with their careers, and will be extremely determined to succeed.


Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Health 

As far as health is concerned, Scorpio rules their 8th House of health, so the males of this combination must get their prostates checked and females need to see the gynecologist on a regular basis. Also, when getting physical with partners, it is of the utmost importance for this person to use safety measures to prevent contracting any sort of diseases.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Love 

In matters of the heart, it is the Air and Fire signs that will get this person’s attention! Fellow Geminis will completely understand this person, while Libras will bring a lot of romance into their lives. Aquarians will stimulate their minds, while Leos will bring a lot of fun and excitement to them. Their 7th House is ruled by Sagittarius, and they will be extremely turned on by philosophical and independent Sagittarians who will make wonderful travel partners. Taureans and Cancers will make good friends, as well as Pisces who will understand their need for fluid movement and thoughts. Scorpios may have too intense an energy for this person, and these two may not see eye to eye, although sparks may fly in the beginning of the romance, as they are so different from one another. Virgos are also ruled by Mercury and will be able to relate to this person, while Capricorn will be a good “grounding” energy for them, but may be too dominant and controlling for their liking.


How Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day 

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Gemini Ascendant, this person needs to get mentally stimulated right away. They will enjoy sipping on their cup of coffee while going through their Facebook and Twitter feeds for a few minutes and taking their time to leave comments. A quick aerobics workout, or a few minutes cycling, will be good for them, followed by a cool shower and thick smoothie. Work should then begin while their minds are open and fresh, with meetings occurring in the morning, and they should try get as much work done as possible before lunch.

Famous Gemini Rising Gemini Sun People

It is of no surprise that Edward Snowden has this combination. He is the former technical contractor and CIA employee who did work for the National Security Agency (NSA) and leaked details of classified information about mass surveillance to the press. He had to communicate and share that information to the public in quite a deceptive and devious way.


Ted Kaczynski has this combination. He is the American terrorist and called the “Unabomber” that criticized society. He sent bombs through the mail – yet again, a very Gemini form of communication, and he was very devious indeed!

German-born tennis player and Wimbledon champion Steffi Graf has this combination, and she was most certainly swift on the tennis court! Supermodel Bar Rafaeli was born with this combination, and this slender model is one of the most internationally famous models to hail from Israel. The very brilliant actress and singer Juliette Lewis was also born with this combination.

The late great Queen Victoria had this combination, as well as Rainer III, Prince of Monaco. The brilliant American jazz musician Miles Davis had this combination, as well as the legendary Oscar-winning actor John Wayne. Brilliant funny actor, filmmaker and writer Gene Wilder also had this combination, as well as the late German-born American diplomat, Henry Kissinger, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.



Facts about Gemini


Birthday:  21st May - 20th June


Ruling planet:  Mercury


Gender:  Male


Element : Air


Temperament : Sanguine


Type :  The communicator


Physical correspondence : Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs

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