Ascendant Sagittarius

Ascendant Sagittarius has a good sense for social solidarity and intuition for the feeling of togetherness

Libertarian Sagittarius persons enhance their precise view by a cosmopolitan mind. 

Ascendant Sagittarius has a good sense for social solidarity and intuition for the feeling of togetherness

Strengthen of Rising Sign Sagittarius

Affectionate, generous, beneficial, gallant, harmonious, considerate, humorous, open minded, free-spirited, courageous, fond of traveling, active, optimistic, inquisitive, provident.

Weaknesses of Rising Sign Sagittarius

Pompous, credulous, easy-going, extravagantly, arrogant, unbridled, venturesomely, intolerant, illiberal, corruptible, unobjective, jealous, envious, insincere, vain.

Distant countries, different kinds of cultures and new experiences: the big wide world fascinates Ascendant Sagittarius. They are eager to open their mind, broaden their horizon and assuage their inquisitiveness.

They are constantly searching for the purpose of life and what is keeping the world together. The truth has to be out there – they are still hoping to find some answers. Ascendant Sagittarius has a good sense of social solidarity and intuition for the feeling of togetherness. They tend to miss the difference between each other. Ascendant Sagittarius is convinced to represent distinct ideas and has the conviction that others have to share it, too. They are no friends of various opinions. They are working on improving thoroughly to influence and convince their environment by a rewarding process.

Here Ascendant Sagittarius has come to know that transgressive behavior is unacceptable most of the time. In their professional lives, however, it is beneficial to them. They keep the overview in day-to-day life and have the quality to delegate their staff.  

Free-spirited Sagittarius has a reluctant attitude towards commitments – first of all in establishing a privileged relationship and is fond of dominating it. Sagittarius Descendant is Gemini. Maybe in addition to that, there is given a good basis to become more tolerant and gain open-minded attitudes towards different opinions and conceptions.

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