Moon signs

The Moon in the zodiac

The Moon represents the emotional world in the horoscope
Moon signs

The Moon in the zodiac

The Moon represents the emotional world in the horoscope

Moon signs

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Moon sign Aries
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People with the Moon sign in Aries are known for their intense emotions. They are impulsive, easily excitable, and can sometimes be quick and aggressive. But their feelings are usually as violent as they are brief.  read more

Moon sign Taurus
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The Moon sign Taurus primarily stands for calm, balanced, and level-headed people. They think more practically and are more oriented to reason than to their feelings.  read more

Moon sign Gemini
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People born under the Moon Sign Gemini are optimistic, cheerful, and curious. They are open to new experiences, love to approach people, and enthusiastically take in all the information and opportunities that the world has to offer.  read more

Moon sign Cancer
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The unique thing about this constellation is that the Moon is here under the sign that it also controls. So, people born under the Moon sign Cancer are particularly sensitive people read more

Moon Sign Leo
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People born under the Moon sign Leo feel in great shape, especially when they can gain recognition and admiration. They love to be in the spotlight and like to take leadership over their fellow human beings.  read more

Moon sign Virgo
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People born under the Moon sign Virgo are extremely reason oriented. They prefer to listen to their heads and not to their hearts. Because they initially distrust their feelings. The only make decisions after a thorough review.  read more

Moon sign Libra
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Ups and downs are rare in the emotional life of people with the Moon sign Libra. They are usually balanced and in peace with themselves. They resolve internal and external conflicts quickly to maintain their mental balance.  read more

Moon sign Scorpio
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People with the Moon sign Scorpio don't like to show their true feelings. They are rather closed and hide emotional impulses under a cover full of secrets and mysteries.  read more

Moon sign Sagittarius
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Optimism and cheerfulness are hallmarks of the Moon sign Sagittarius. They love life, and with their enthusiasm, they pull their fellow human beings with them. However, they are not particularly sensitive.    read more

Moon in Capricorn
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People with Moon sign Capricorn take their job very seriously. Their work leaves no time left to live out their feelings. These are held back and hidden.  read more

Moon sign Aquarius
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To feel good, people with the Moon Sign Aquarius need their freedom. They want to live out their individuality. But they also like to have people around them.  read more

Moon sign Pisces
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People with the Moon sign Pisces are very sympathetic to all living things on earth. They have a powerful intuition and are very receptive to the vibrations and emotions of their fellow human beings.  read more

Lunar eclipse
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Anthroposophical and astrological thoughts about the lunar eclipse by Kurt Franz.  read more

A magical full moon night on November 30th
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On November 30th, 2020, a magical Full Moon night will take place before Christmas. Use the energy of the Moon for a new beginning!  read more

Full moon in zodiac sign Cancer | Photo: ©
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A video about ten interesting things of the full moon in zodiac sign Cancer.  read more

Super full moon in February | Photo: (c) Sergey Nivens -
Photo: © Sergey Nivens -

If the Sun has changed to Pisces, the full moon is always in Virgo.  read more

Vollmond im Zeichen Waage | Foto: (c) k_yu  -
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On April 19th there will be another full moon in zodiac sign Libra.  Libra moon wants to establish emotional balance. Sun and Moon are in opposite positions.   read more


The third essential element in a horoscope is the Moon sign. It is the Zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the time of a person’s birth. Knowing the exact time of birth is vital for its calculation.

While the Sun sign stands for ourselves (for our values, identity, characteristics, personality, and interiority), the ascendant for our behavior towards our fellow human beings and the opinion that they have of us, the Moon Sign, tells us something about our emotional world. It symbolizes the feminine, the emotions, our instinct, and intuition.

The Moon Sign gives us clues about what we need for our happiness and well-being, which is essential to us and how we express these needs. It shows us in under what circumstances we feel safe and secure, how we can build up new positive energy, and find our inner center. The Moon Sign also informs us about what is moving us deep inside and touches our soul and which are our emotional actions.

Since the Moon symbolizes femininity, the Moon Sign is particularly essential for women. It shows us our feminine side, provides information about our relationship with family and domestic life. But this aspect is also interesting for men. As for women, the moon Sign shows the relationship with our mother and women in general, how childhood shaped us, where we feel at home, and imagine family life.

Here you can calculate your Moon Sign.

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The Moon in the zodiac

The Moon represents the emotional world in the horoscope