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Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 7th
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At 7:20 pm today, Venus enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer and will stay there until September 5th, 2020. A fact that gives Venus a different quality now and the planet of love takes on much of Cancer's nature.  

Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 6th
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The Moon enters into a positive connection with Jupiter today from about 6 pm onwards. The reason why group activities are now favored is that people are now happy to help each other. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Aug. 5th
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Mercury enters Leo today and will remain there until August 19th, 2020. Mercury, in Leo, is a favorable position for the planet of the mind, which is why our perception, knowledge, and cognition are now stimulated to be active. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Aug. 4th
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The opposition between Mercury and Saturn still affects all day long, but the rapid pace of the day's events is likely to reveal different features than at night.  

Horoscope for Monday, Aug. 3rd
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All-day long, the Moon is under the influence of the Zodiac sign Aquarius, so we are touched again by a pleasant feeling of friendship, which of course, can also lead to a spiritual connection with friends and real camaraderie.  

Horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd
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The square between the Sun and Uranus, which will now be active for two days, is known for abrupt events that could occur unexpected.  

Horoscope for Saturday, Aug. 1st
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Today, Mercury and Pluto form an opposition that will last for a day, although the clues that this situation offers us are not always so easily discernible.  

Horoscope for Friday, Jul. 31st
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The two Mercury constellations with Neptune (positive) and Jupiter (negative), which started yesterday, are still active today. 

Horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 30th
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Mercury gets along very well with Neptune today, but not so well with Jupiter. With Neptune, Mercury creates poetry, music, and activity of the mind in connection with feelings.  

Horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 29th
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At 9:24 am, the Moon enters Sagittarius, a Zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter, so we should focus today on the positive influences that emanate from this situation.  

Horoscope for Tuesday, Jul. 28th
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The fundamentally serious dispute between Mercury and Mars goes on today, so we should continue to be very careful in road traffic, at work, in the home, and in leisure activities.  

Horoscope for Monday, Jul. 27th
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Numerous new aspects will affect us today and trigger very different sensations. The strongest constellation today is the connection between Jupiter and Neptune. 

Horoscope for Sunday, Jul. 26th
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It happens again and again that the Moon, in conjunction with other planets, draws our attention to areas or topics that may not be quite right for us, so they should be corrected.  

Horoscope for Saturday, Jul. 25th
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The Moon changes to Libra; this fact will influence the day from 3:53 pm. With the Moon in Libra, our soul is connected with the Libra Zodiac sign's harmony, which is why a mental equilibrium is mainly created in us. 

Horoscope for Friday, Jul. 24th
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Today, the Moon enters into three favorable connections, namely with Venus (the square still has a positive effect), with Jupiter and Pluto. So, Venus gives us pleasant and exhilarating feelings with the Moon today. 

Horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd
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Mercury and Uranus continue to provide new ideas and unusual solutions. But today, the Moon is also involved, so our heart, the seat of love, is now also addressed. 

The Sun is changing to Leo today, so the Leo born will now celebrate their birthdays in the next 30 days.
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The Sun is changing to Leo today, so the Leo born will now celebrate their birthdays in the next 30 days. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Jul. 21st
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The opposition between the Sun and Saturn, which is active today and tomorrow, once again draws our attention to the restrictions we are regularly exposed to, which could also occur today. As unpleasant as they can be for us, they must be removed.  

Horoscope for Monday, Jul. 20th
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A second New Moon in Cancer takes place tonight between 7:30 and 9:30 pm (after the 1st New Moon in Cancer on June 21st, 2020). It will probably make us aware of the need to take care of our family if we have not already exploited the 1st appointment on June 21st

Horoscope for Sunday, Jul. 19th
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The positive angle between the Moon and Uranus makes us feel adventurous. Today we want to experience something, a feeling, but no routine, something new has to be done! 

Horoscope for Saturday, July 18th
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Today the Moon moves to the sign of Cancer, where it is at home since the Moon rules in the Sign of Cancer. The Moon is in Cancer but also in its first Zodiac sign, which again has the character of Aries, considering that the zodiac begins with Aries. 

Horoscope for Friday, July 17th
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We could fall in love, yes, because that would fit very well to this Moon-Venus connection. Whoever is unengaged will be helped by the two planets Venus and Moon today. 

Horoscope for July 16th
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Today, the Moon enters the sign of Gemini, so now our sensibility enters into the region of thought since Mercury rules Gemini. Thus, the soul (Moon) and the mind (Mercury) are now connected. One now tends to think with the heart, so to speak - and feel with the mind. 

Horoscope for July 15th |  Photo: ©
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Today, the Sun and Pluto form an opposition, which points to power struggles with superiors. Even in relationships, if neither of the partners hold back to assert an opinion, a quarrel can occur. 

Horoscope for July 14th
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There are two sides to the opposition between the Sun and Jupiter, which will be useful today and tomorrow. On the one hand, it often causes good mood, cheerfulness, and optimism, a great thing. 

Horoscope for July 13th | Photo: © muro -
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And with everything that does not suit us! So, this is limited to our wardrobe that needs to be cleaned out or tidied up but also includes clarifying conversations with our partner, work colleagues, boss, if something has run down our liver.  

Horoscope for July 12th | Photo: ©
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Mercury again keeps his disruptive actions and will become direct-running again today, thus giving up its regression.  

Horoscope for July 11th | Photo: ©
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The Moon enters Aries today, so we are now getting more energy again. Thank God! We could do tasks that yesterday seemed very unpleasant to us, especially the tedious work so that we got tired just by thinking about it. 

Horoscope for July 10th | Photo: © otsphoto -
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Today, for a change, there are once again numerous favorable constellations whose influences reach us. 

Horoscope for July 9th | Photo: ©
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Today, the Pisces principle works throughout the day, as the Moon moves its orbits through the sign of Charity.  

Horoscope | Photo: hoffi99 /
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The Square between Mercury and Mars, which starts around noon, can trigger or result in several adverse effects if you do not keep your self-control. 

Daily horoscope
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The Moon moves through Aquarius, which always points to innovations or surprising changes. Encounters with people are part of this, starting with old acquaintances you haven't seen for a long time, to those you haven't seen before. 

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The monthly lucky conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter takes place today in its effectiveness already from about 0:10 to 2:10 am (UTC+2) 

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Horoscope for Saturday, July 4th | Photo: (c) Angelina Egorova/
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The Moon changes to the sign of Capricorn and will, therefore, make us aware again of our duties for the next two days and a half. A healthy emotional life is developing in us, but now it is not the time to tell others about our feelings.  

Horoscope for July 3rd | Photo: (c) rickyd/
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Strong positive tendencies to improve living conditions have been occurring since July 1st, but now it is important not to let up. The square between the Moon and Neptune is a constellation where one could be ready to give up.  

Horoscope for July 2nd | Photo: (c) LightField Studios/
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Whoever is open-minded and flexible, whoever has a progressive spirit, whoever is agile and can act quickly - and these are all characteristics of Uranus as well – is just going uphill now! 

Horoscope for Wednesday, July 1st | Photo: (c) Elena Apanasenko /
Photo: © Elena Apanasenko /

This July, 1st is a memorable day and a striking date that we should not forget so quickly. The impulses are set in the direction of an upward trend, but we mustn't slacken in our efforts if sand gets into the gears again. 


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