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Daily horoscope 17th December 2018 | photo: (c) Floydine -

Horoscope - 16/12/2018

03/21 - 04/20
04/21 - 05/21
05/22 - 06/21
06/22 - 07/22
07/23 - 08/23
08/24 - 09/23
09/24 - 10/23
10/24 - 11/22
11/23 - 12/21
12/22 - 01/20
01/21 - 02/19
02/20 - 03/20
Monthly horoscope December 2018 | photo: © keleny -
Darlings of fortune cw 51 | photo: © Maresol -
Daily horoscope 17th December 2018 | photo: (c) Floydine -
monthly horoscope cw 50 2018 | photo © Olesia Bilkei  -
Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon -
photo © bernardbodo -
Find your Rising Sign | Photo: alehnia - Fotolia
Read all about the Chinese horoscope | ©
daily horoscope 18th December 2018 | photo: (c) Mariana -

18th December Horoscope

The moon in Taurus will make us more conservative, opinionated, and sensual.

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Daily horoscope 19th December 2018 | photo: (c) Kzenon -

19th December Horoscope

The moon will enter into positive relationships with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto today.

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Foto: fotalia

Current aspects

Time Aspects
08:45 Moon → Aries
14:47 Moon Trine Mercury
20:37 Venus Sextile Saturn

Timezone: Asia/Taipei, UTC+08:00

Daily horoscope 20th december 2018 | photo: (c) Kittiphan

20th December Horoscope

The next two and a half days will be a good time to hike and travel, as well as to visit friends and family.

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Daily horoscope 21st December 2018 | photo: (c) byrdyak  -

21st December Horoscope

Today you could enjoy financial success or receive recognition, a promotion, or access to a higher status position.

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Daily horoscope 22nd December 2018 | photo: (c) JenkoAtaman  -

22nd December Horoscope

Many of us will feel an affinity for water or an interest in sea voyages after 5:27 PM today.

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Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon -

Yearly horoscope 2018 - The year of love

New year, new you! 2018 is on the way, and bringing with it all the energy of the planet Venus. That makes now a great time for love, friendship and community. The key to success is working together.

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monthly horoscope cw 50 2018 | photo © Olesia Bilkei  -

Weekly Horoscope cw 50

Here comes the astrological outlook on this week...

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My horoscope | Photo: (c) Romolo Tavani -

My horoscope

What about your stars today? Calculate your individual horoscope for free.

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Monthly horoscope December 2018 | photo: © keleny -

Monthly horoscope December 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the zodiac signs in December 2018?

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photo © bernardbodo -

Which zodiac signs are a perfect love match?

Are you or a friend in love with someone? What are the stars saying about a relationship? Are the zodiac signs of the partners compatible? Will there be sunshine or stormy weather in the relationship in an astrological aspect of view?

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Calculate your Ascendant sign

Calculate your Ascendant

Chart your ascendant, zodiac sign, moon sign and horoscope of birth - discover who you really are!

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Darlings of fortune cw 51 | photo: © Maresol -

Darlings of fortune

Do you belong to the lucky ones of this week? Take a look if your date of birth is among them. Darlings of fortune from December 17th, 2018 - December 23rd, 2018.

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Calculate your chinese animal zodiac sign | Photo: © Kameleon007 -

Calculate your Chinese zodiac sign

Do you know your Chinese animal zodiac sign? Are you a good-natured Rabbit, a sophisticated Dragon or a wise Snake? Calculate now...

Chines animal zodiac sign Tiger (Photo: © Thaut Images -

The audacious Tiger

Audacious Tiger likes it risky. It likes to make new experiences!
Chinese animal zodiac sign Rabbit | Photo: © SQUAMISH -

The good-natured Rabbit

Persons of the animal zodiac sign Rabbit have a need for harmony. Conciliatory disputes this sign is good natured.
Chinese animal zodiac sign Horse | Photo: © Zuzule -

The convivial Horse

The animal zodiac sign of the Horse loves its freedom and is chivalrous and adventurous. It could be tamed.
Chinese animal zodiac sign Dog | Photo: © Waldemar Dąbrow -

The faithful Dog

Types of this animal zodiac sign recognize those who are sincere and those who are not.