Read all about Chinese astrology

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese astrology is over 5,000 years old
Read all about Chinese astrology

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese astrology is over 5,000 years old

Chinese Astrology

Lunar New Year 2021
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On February 12, 2021, the Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of a new lunar cycle. February 12, 2021 to January 31, 2022 is the Year of the Ox. It is a Metal Ox year, which last took place 60 years ago, in 1961.  read more

Calculate your Chinese zodiac sign | Photo: ©analysis121980 -
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Do you know your Chinese animal zodiac sign? Are you a good-natured Rabbit, a sophisticated Dragon or a wise Snake?  read more

Natal Report & Birth Chart from | Photo: © Alex Tihonov -
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The personality report is our classic and must-have for every astrology fan. Get deep insights into your personality and reveal hidden secrets. You will be surprised by what the stars have put into your cradle.

£ 15.50 £ 12.95
  read more

The Chinese Horoscope
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Chinese astrology has been around for over 5,000 years and is one of the oldest metaphysical traditions in the world. It differs from Western astrology significantly, though it does share some similarities.  read more

Ascendant sign in the Chinese horoscope
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The Chinese ascendant sign determines the individual's personality. Here you can find which zodiac sign is your ascendant.  read more

The Five Elements
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Each element is ruled by a different planet. Mercury rules Water, Venus rules Metal, Mars rules Fire, Saturn rules Earth, and Jupiter rules Wood. The elements influence the individual's character and personality alongside their animal zodiac and ascendant signs.  read more

Your perfect partner – your soulmate / (c) Rita Kochmarjova (
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In accordance with the compass direction, the zodiac signs harmonize or do not sympathize. Here you can find which constellations are benevolently and which are not.  read more

Future Forecast Transit Report | Photo: ©
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Our premium horoscope tells you about your astrological constellations in the next 12 months. So you are prepared for things to come.

  read more

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chines zodiac sign Tiger
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Passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: these are the qualities of the Tiger. This animal zodiac sign is energetic and accepts challenges with enthusiasm - in hopes of receiving praise and appreciation.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Rabbit | Photo: © SQUAMISH -
Photo: © SQUAMISH -

The Chinese zodiac animal sign Rabbit reacts sensitively. The zodiac sign Rabbit likes to be surrounded by beautiful things. Therefore their home and clothing style is elegant and tasteful.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Dragon | Photo: © Melkor3D  -
Photo: © Melkor3D -

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon is the sign of fortune settled in the eastern astrology. It symbolizes strength, riches and fortune. And, however, it is a fact that a person who was born in the sign of Dragon is blessed with best spirits.  read more

The Chinese animal zodiac sign snake | Photo: © A.KaZaK -
Photo: © A.KaZaK -

Persons who were born in the sign of the Snake represent secrecy and mystery. They prefer to hide and keep secrets to themselves. Even if they are emotional stimulated they appear calm and firm to one another.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Horse | Photo: © Zuzule -
Photo: © Zuzule -

Those, who were born in the sign of the Horse are agile ones - it is to be regarded to their mental and physical status. Horses love being in motion and on the move – they never miss an opportunity to go on a journey.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Goat | Photo: ©
Photo: ©

Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Goat has a sense of aesthetic. The zodiac sign of the Goat is fond of having an individual and appealing ambiance - maybe there is exquisiteness on the stage.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Monkey / copyright:
Photo: © Chinese animal zodiac sign Monkey / copyright:

Persons who were born in the year of the Monkey are charming and slightly bold - they have profound self-conviction and confidence. The Monkey seems to be skillful and persuading. Monkeys are bookworms and deliberately they hope to gain more knowledge...  read more

Solar Return Report - | Photo: ©
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Learn everything about the new year of your life! This report runs from birthday to birthday and examines the themes and issues that will arise for you during these 12 months.

  read more

Chinese zodiac sign Rooster (Photo © thongsan -
Photo: © thongsan -

The impressive and proud rooster represents the strength of character. A Rooster could master the period of crisis with coolness and is holding its head up high. The animal sign of the Rooster needs still the overview!  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Dog | Photo: © Waldemar Dąbrow -
Photo: © Waldemar Dąbrow -

The Dog has a profound judgment of character. Chinese zodiac animal sign Dog has its fine intuition and is able to realize those people, who are sincere or have something to hide.  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Pig| photo: © BlueOrange Studio -
Photo: © BlueOrange Studio -

Those, who were born in the year of the pig are warm-hearted, friendly and represent positive charisma. The Chinese animal zodiac sign of the Pig is most of all caring and a good party organizer.  read more

The Chinese animal zodiac sign rat (Foto: © FalconScallagrim -
Photo: © FalconScallagrim -

Humans who were born in the year of the Rat have a genuine charming nature - complemented with a bright personality. Inspired and full of optimism the rat is on its way – preferring companionship…  read more

Chinese animal zodiac sign Ox (Photo: © Darren Baker -
Photo: © Darren Baker -

The Chinese animal zodiac sign of the Ox represents traditional and reliable persons. It assumes responsibility and stands up for social issues – the Ox is a tough laborer – likewise worker as well - and would like to reassure confidence and would gain acknowledge.  read more

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Chinese Horoscope

Chinese astrology is over 5,000 years old

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