The Moon in the Zodiac

The Moon's role in our life
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The Moon's Role in Our Life

We emphasize the big three’s (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant); in these, we get the opportunity to see the core of who we are and where our motivations emanate. The Sun represents how we will do life through a sense of purpose. The Ascendant represents the new expression we are walking toward in this lifetime, here to help us shape our view. Finally, the Moon is where we understand our emotional connection and where we personalize our life. The Moon hones into our internal needs for safety and what we deem part of our foundation– what we simply cannot live without.


Our Moon sign gives us clues to what will feed our overall sense of well-being, happiness and how we express these needs in our very unique and particular ways. The Moon is where we digest what we have learned and processed through our inner world– what we make of ourselves after going inside. We start to determine how we feel and make decisions based on soothing or elevating those feelings. The Moon is our lense and filtration about our basic needs and safety.

The Moon symbolizes our feminine approach to life– the nonreactionary, intuitive parts of who you are. It rules the monthly physical cycles for women, and they tend to find themselves more affected by the Moon's lunations due to their connections to emotional situations and internal processing. The Moon also represents our experiences with the mother. This filtration affects how we relate to women in general, how our childhood shaped our reality, where we feel at home, and how we invent a family dynamic.

The Moon identifies our ego and gives a true personalized sense of self. Don’t negatively take the word ego– we all need an ego to get us out of bed in the morning! The Moon is where we make most of our emotional connections- from people, places, ideas, and material possessions.

Here you can calculate your Moon Sign.

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