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Horoscope for Saturday, July 4th | Photo: (c) Angelina Egorova/

The Moon changes to the sign of Capricorn and will, therefore, make us aware again of our duties for the next two days and a half. A healthy emotional life is developing in us, but now it is not the time to tell others about our feelings. 

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Horoscope for July 3rd | Photo: (c) rickyd/

Strong positive tendencies to improve living conditions have been occurring since July 1st, but now it is important not to let up. The square between the Moon and Neptune is a constellation where one could be ready to give up. 

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Horoscope for July 2nd | Photo: (c) LightField Studios/

Whoever is open-minded and flexible, whoever has a progressive spirit, whoever is agile and can act quickly - and these are all characteristics of Uranus as well – is just going uphill now!

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Horoscope for Wednesday, July 1st | Photo: (c) Elena Apanasenko /

This July, 1st is a memorable day and a striking date that we should not forget so quickly. The impulses are set in the direction of an upward trend, but we mustn't slacken in our efforts if sand gets into the gears again.

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Photo: Kateryna Mostova /

The close connection between Jupiter and Pluto has already shown better results

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 | Photo: (c)  jfk image /

The Moon enters squares with Pluto and Jupiter today, so on the one hand, we can observe specific negative soul structures while also positive ones

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| Photo: (c) freya-photographer /

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs for Sunday, June 28th.

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| Foto: (c) freya-photographer /

Two beautiful lunar connections are working today, namely the two trines with Pluto and Jupiter.

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Horoscope for Friday, Jun. 26th | Photo: (c) ATeam /

Today the Moon enters into positive connections with Uranus and Mercury. Uranus, therefore awakens a particular thirst for adventure in our souls, at least today, we are looking for a change since the daily routine suddenly gets on our nerves.

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| Photo: © Korneeva

Venus is going straight again today. Did you also pay attention to your encounters during the retrograde phase?

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| Photo: (c) Luxorpictures /

Neptune is, on the one hand, the representative of heaven, that is, the representative of divine love, the love of neighbor, which is also called selfless love.

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Retrograde neptune | Photo: © Picture Company

Today, Neptune is moving into decline, maintaining this position until November, 28th 2020. What does this mean for us?

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Horoscope for June 19th for all signs | Photo: © Zotov

We will feel the goddess of love favorably today; we just have to take good care of it. With lovers, it is no art to recognize this. But it's more challenging to detect the benevolence of strangers or relatively strangers that might be streaming towards us. 

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Horoscope for June 18th for all zodiac signs | Photo: (c) Ironika /

Since Mercury is now declining for three weeks, we have to be very careful again in the area of communication and in contracts and agreements to ensure that we don't make any mistakes. If we concentrate on these things well, we will be able to prevent unpleasant situations from happening.

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Daily horoscope for June 17th | Photo: ©

The positive connection between the Moon and Mercury usually triggers an intense need for communication. We now also like to discuss with friends and acquaintances. Such conversations typically don't have much depth, but the side effect is the connection to our fellow humans, which we should always maintain.

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Daily horscope for June 16th | Photo: ©

Today, the short-term square between the Moon and Saturn is conspicuous, or in most cases, clearly felt by all of us. This square often results in a low mood, which is, of course, felt by all of us with different intensity, depending on our sensitivity.

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Today, we could enjoy the richness of life with friends  | Photo: (c) Marcel Jancovic /

This day is under the positive influence of the Moon and Venus. This fact, among other things, also means that we now enjoy being together with family and even with friends.

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Today, a lot is going on in the starry sky, affecting all of us. In any case, the situation will vary. A lucky experience could also happen today. | Photo: ©

Today, a lot is going on in the starry sky, affecting all of us. In any case, the situation will vary. A lucky experience could also happen today.

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| Photo: (c) Roman Seliutin /

Today we will emphasize an essential aspect of the positive connection between Moon and Mercury. During this time, we are unusually aware of our feelings and can express them relatively well.

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Horoscope for Thursday, Jun. 11th | Photo: Alexander Supertramp /

Experience teaches that the transit between the Sun and Neptune taking place today reduces our power potential. Many of us will probably feel tired, so we can only carry out daily duties more or less slowly.

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| Photo: (c) irinaneva /

Today, the only aspect that begins to have a new effect is the pleasant trigonal connection between the moon and the sun, in the afternoon. The masculine and feminine principle is therefore in a very good relationship with each other.

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Horoscope for Tuesday, Jun. 9th | Foto: (c) Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /

The Moon changes to Aquarius today and will stay there for the next two and a half days. The Moon in the sign of progress, friendship, and revolution now causes an emotional mood again.

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Today, we could enjoy a pleasant experience of happiness | Foto: (c) margo_black /

Today the Moon is entering into three positive connections with three planets, resulting in strong support in the areas of energy and drive, imagination, and fantasy, as well as self-confidence and friendship.

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Horoscope for Sunday, June 7th | Photo: © Alija

The idealistic commitment to which Mars called us yesterday is still valid today and will continue to be in the coming days. Which is why today, for these reasons, a loving turn to our family is also appropriate.

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Horoscope for Saturday, June 6th | Photo: (c) Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /

Mars is now at right angles to the Sun, and this naturally means a conflict of interests between the two. The Sun is in Gemini; Mars is in Pisces. The Zodiac sign Pisces, the last one in the zodiac, represents charity, and Mars, who is now in Pisces, wants to devote all his energy to these issues.

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Horoscope for Friday, June 5th | Photo: (c) kastoimages /

Today the full moon is in Sagittarius, so our idealistic attitudes can appear again. However, tomorrow Mars will be at right angles to the Sun, which is opposite to the Gemini, and this could lead to heated discussions. The topic is most likely to be: idealism against reality.

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Horoscope for Wednesday. June 4th | Photo: (c) Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /

Today is marked by numerous positive connections of the Moon with other celestial bodies. The reason why we will receive strong support in the areas of inspiration and divine love (Neptune), openness and deep inwardness (Pluto), idealism, and joy of hope (Jupiter) and patience, diligence and frugality (Saturn).

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Horoscope Wednesday for June 3rd | Photo: (c) Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /

Today the goddess of love enters into two meaningful connections, namely the conjunction with the Sun and a square with Mars, the male representative of the earth's population. Both constellations can have positive and negative effects. 

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The moon provides for pleasant moods on World Children's Day | Photo: © Batkova

On Whit Monday everything revolves around the dear offspring, the World Children's Day is celebrated. Here is the horoscope for the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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