Mercury in Pisces

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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury enters Pisces on February 24 and Aries on March 11, so its stay is exceptionally brief. So, how will this affect you, your thought processes, and the way you communicate? All will be revealed in the following article! But first, we take a look at the mythology between Mercury and Pisces.


Mercury and Pisces Mythology

In Greek mythology, Mercury is the fastest god of all – Hermes. He penetrates the sky, giving messages to the gods and the humans on earth, and even enters the underworld, Hades' lair. There, he helped guide the souls of those who passed to the afterlife.

Pisces is the god of the ocean – Poseidon, brother of Hades and Zeus. Aphrodite came from the ocean and offers great power; however, the most important thing to note is that there are no boundaries with the ocean; its force is so mighty.

This association is essential for Hermes moves fast and accurately, his association with Mercury ruling the mind, which must be contained to function properly on the planet. However, Pisces, ruled by Neptune (Poseidon), cannot be contained.

Mercury in Pisces
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The Mercury in Pisces Effect

In general, Mercury in Pisces people have minds that can see beyond what is presented in front of them. Their minds can penetrate worlds and dimensions. They can often see the supernatural, are very psychic, have dramatic dreams that are often prophetic, and in business, they easily see "out of the box" solutions.


They can be exceptionally creative in business. Unfortunately, they can read people's minds all too easily and can be very sensitive to others' opinions. These people are also susceptible to substances of any kind that can alter moods, feelings, thoughts, or actions, and they must avoid these substances at all costs.

It's important to note that when Mercury is in Pisces, it is in its detriment. So, how will this affect you?

The Top 5 Signs Affected by Mercury in Pisces

1.      Taurus

Taurus enjoys this energy as it allows them to daydream while they take comfort in their security at home. Here, they may become exceptionally creative with their natural talent for self-sufficiency and may create wonderful recipes or works of art or woodwork during this period.

They may even invest in their garden, purchasing many flowers of different colors. During this period, they may even attract animals and will be able to read their pets' minds and know their needs. It's also an excellent time to plan romantic dates.


2.      Cancer

Cancerians are very at home when Mercury is in Pisces. Their natural psychic powers expand, and they do very well during this period if they are nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, kindergarten teachers, or chefs. This magical energy allows them to feel others' feelings, and they become exceptionally sensitive. However, they may become very emotional during this period if they are in a relationship. They will be very drawn to the ocean, especially when the Moon is shining at night.

3.      Scorpio

This magical energy makes Scorpio extremely musical, and they may want to buy or pick up a guitar and create lyrics, play, and sing. They may also be inspired to get one or more tattoos that are interesting in design. They will want to visit the ocean often during this period, especially in the evening, and want to make love to their partners daily.

Mercury in Pisces
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4.      Capricorn

Although it may seem strange that Capricorn benefits from Mercury in Pisces energy, as they love structure and order so much, they actually do. Here is the reason – they get to "let loose" for a while during this period. They will have the opportunity to go out with friends and have some fun, even let go of some control!


5.      Pisces

When Mercury is in Pisces, Pisces' psychic powers are magnified. They must keep a dream journal by their bedside daily and write down their dreams as soon as they wake up. It is the perfect time for meditation and yoga.

Pisces will benefit from visits to the beach, as the ocean will "speak" to them and give them inspired thoughts. They will become very creative during this period. They must stay away from alcohol during this period, especially if at nightclubs, bars, or other places they may not be too safe in.

Mercury in Pisces & Other Signs

Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius

Mercury naturally rules Virgo and Gemini, and these two signs will not feel "at home" in their minds during this period. Their thoughts will not be too clear. They should suspend giving presentations, participating in debates, and giving talks and lectures until this period has passed. The same goes with Sagittarius.

The Fire Signs

Aries and Leo will find their thoughts clouded during this period and can't act as quickly as usual. They should avoid water sports that carry a high risk of injury. Sagittarius must also avoid adventures in lakes, swamps, pools and the ocean as they love to travel so much.


The Air Signs

Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini feel extremely uncomfortable during this period as they cannot focus their thoughts as usual. They see the world rationally and objectively, but now they see everything through a subjective lens with irrational thoughts.

Final Thoughts on Mercury in Pisces

Mercury Pisces can be a burden for some; however, it is often a gift for others. Remember that Venus is exalted in Pisces because Pisces is all about unconditional love. In general, the world will have more loving thoughts for others, especially abandoned people living on the streets – humans and animals. And hopefully, this will be a better time for those affected by war. 


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