Uranus Is Direct Again: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Time for change and progress
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Goddess Uranus
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On 23 January, Uranus went direct again . For five months, it was in retrograde.

Now is the right time again to put plans into action!

Uranus is considered the planet of change , upheaval, and surprises . Its transits bring something new and push us out of our comfort zone. Uranus is the progressive one, and you always have to reckon with him suddenly overthrowing the existing. He brings innovations and challenges us to deal with them. New, creative approaches have to be tested and boundaries overcome . It challenges us to break away from structures that prevent us from progressing and developing our personalities.


Uranus now also brings more speed into our lives . Its energy is sometimes downright electrifying. It shakes us up, and it is thanks to it that we continue to develop. In the direct phase, we become more open to new ways and are motivated to find creative solutions.

Use phases of retrograde for reflection.

Perhaps in the past months under retrograde Uranus , we have been able to look at the changes that are happening in our lives or that we are planning with a little more distance and calm . Our attention has been sharpened during the retrograde period, and we have been able to perceive changes of a personal or social nature more consciously. Such a time is an excellent time to take stock : Where is a problem still? Where do I feel limited? What would I like to achieve? If you have used the past months for self-reflection, you will have good opportunities to make necessary improvements and innovations in the following months under direct-running Uranus.

Uranus brings about long-term changes.


Overall, the changes that Uranus initiates are of a long-term nature . We usually only notice what is going on in the middle of the process and can only then really grasp and reflect on the reforms and renewals.

The Sun in Aquarius makes us curious about reforms

In addition, the Sun is still in Aquarius . Until 18 February, all signs point to innovation and progress. The stars encourage us to explore new possibilities and finally move out of our comfort zone.

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