Mars in Aquarius

The Change That Needs to Happen
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The fire of Mars in Aquarius
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Mars in Aquarius

Mars enters Aquarius on the 14th of February 2024 and leaves on the 12th of March 2024 . Mars rules Aries, a Fire Sign that supports the energy of an Air Sign such as Aquarius. In fact, they are similar in certain ways, which you will learn about. This article explains how the Mars in Aquarius transit will affect you – so keep on reading!


The Mars Aquarius Mythology

Let’s first examine the relationship between Mars and Aquarius. In Greek Mythology, Mars is Ares, the ferocious god of war, while Aquarius is ruled by Ouranos, the great sky god – father to all the Titans and gods.

He is the great-grandfather of Ares. So – where are they similar? Well, Ouranos was so intimidated by his children and their capabilities to overthrow his power that he locked them up. Ares is all about breaking away from things through immense action and violence. Together, there will always be issues with the father.

Ouranos and Aquarius energy represents sudden shocks and unexpected surprises, similar to the way that Mars (Ares) energy symbolizes the breaking away of things, as well as blood, cuts, sharp instruments, and war.

The 5 Signs Most Positively Affected by Mars in Aquarius


When Mars is in Aquarius, you need to look at the father principle. It is important to address matters with your father , even if they are hard. Your sexuality may also be tested as you may find both genders attractive. Aquarius symbolizes humanity, goals, and friends. You may have experiences to do with these during this period. Your thinking will sharpen and you may attract more friends.

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This creates a lovely Trine. Gemini, you are often indecisive when it comes to action as you think too much and suffer from anxiety due to it. Use this energy from February 14th to March 12th to take positive action , especially wherever Aquarius falls in your Natal Chart.

It is a wonderful time to connect with friends, especially in business, and make important decisions regarding it. You need to ascend and move forward. When it comes to love, you may fall in love with a friend , of either gender.


Libra loves Mars, for Libra is Venus (Aphrodite), and Mars is Ares, her greatest and most passionate lover. Male and feminine energy come together with Libra and Aries. When Mars is in Aquarius, especially around this day of love, you may fall head over heels in love with a friend.

It is also a wonderful time to create a vision board , cut out pictures and words and map the life you want to live. Aquarius energy puts you in a place where you can elevate your life in all ways! If you are single, now is the time to create a dating profile online.



Mars is in Aquarius, and you are more than delighted, Sagittarius. You crave independence and admire logic, and this is what Aquarius energy brings. If you are in college, you will excel in class. This is the perfect time to take technology and combine it with your content and start publishing! If you like to travel, show the world where you go, and if you love your studies, make a vlog about it!


Of course, Aquarius, you benefit when Mars is in your Sign. This activates all the Uranian energy that looks after you and places inspiring dreams, both in sleep and the waking world, showing you how to elevate yourself in the game of life . You know you are a born genius and are better than others in many ways. Mars energy gives you the boost you need to make many of your plans materialize. It’s time to take action!

Mars in Aquarius for the Earth and Water Signs


Before diving into Mars in Aquarius’ effect on the Earth and Water Signs, it’s important to mention Leo. Although Leo is a Fire Sign, it opposes Aquarius, so this period may feel awkward to you, Leo. You may not be the center of attention right now, so concentrate your energy on giving to others.



Taurus, you love to be practical, and Mars in Aquarius tells you to slow down and think before doing things. You don’t mind but may feel bored during this period – especially in relationships. You like touching and exploring deep emotions in relationships; all your partner wants to do is talk right now.


Mars is in Aquarius, and you suddenly feel lost. You want to feel emotions more, but every time you are angered or get passionate about something, a million thoughts fill your mind. At least you will be able to be more rational now and not feel too dramatic about situations. If you are in a relationship, make sure that you are friends before lovers, and if you are single, a friend might catch your eye!

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Virgo, you are affected by Mars in Aquarius energy by suddenly being more efficient in your acts of perfection – but can obsess now. Everything must be in its place, and now all you want to do is create lists and tick off your chores one by one.


It’s actually a great time to go online and order things to bring more order and organization to your home and work environment. Just be careful not to obsess, and if you find yourself stressing too much, take a breather or some natural medicine such as Rescue Remedy.


Scorpio, Mars traditionally rules you, and Mars in Aquarius is heavy energy for you. You are ruled by Hades of the underworld, Mars – Ares, god of war, and Aquarius (Ouranos), great god of the sky- and it is like you are all competing for attention! Right now, you may pick fights with people and friends over nothing, over nonsense. It’s important not to become jealous over what friends can do or what they have or gossip about them.

Mars in Aquarius can bring great change in your life and help you get rid of toxic friends that don’t really make you happy. The most important question to ask after being around them is, “Do I feel better or worse about myself after being in your company?” If the answer is worse, it is time to end things. Also, beware of technological gadgets that can hurt you physically and make you bleed, like shredders and mixers – be extra careful around these.



Capricorn, you are similar to Aquarius in the way that Saturn ruled Aquarius as well before Uranus was discovered. So, both of you can be quite serious people. Mars in Aquarius brings focus into your life, where action must be taken in all aspects of your life – now is the time to elevate every aspect of your existence, and it will take hard work and discipline.


Mars in Aquarius reminds you Pisces, to be a bit more rational in your thought process and actions and not look at everything so subjectively. Take a careful look at where Aquarius is in your Natal Chart to understand better how Mars in Aquarius will affect you most.

You may break away from friends. On the other hand, you may find some of your friends more attractive during this period. Just don’t act on it right now. The ⚺extil between you and Aquarius teaches you many lessons during this period, especially regarding friendships and goals.

Final Thoughts

Mars transits all signs, of course. It is interesting how it transits Aquarius during and after Valentine’s Day. This is a firm reminder to value all your friendships and make sure that if you are in a relationship, that person is your friend, and together, you work at experiencing the best version of life you can.


Ouranos and Ares are enormously powerful gods, and together, they are here to make a change in your life – journal your thoughts and actions during this transit and see the change that takes place!

For interest's sake, Mars in Aquarius for Signs that don’t really benefit from it is like The Chariot (Mars) and Tower (Aquarius) Tarot Cards coming together.  However, for those Signs benefitting positively from this transit – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius – it is like The Chariot (Mars) meeting The Star Tarot Cards.


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