The Moon in Libra

Having a Libra Moon makes you diplomatic, mentally balanced, and a natural problem solver.
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Moon sign Libra
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Balanced Libra Moon

When you have a Moon in Libra, your emotional ups and downs are rare, and discernment is usually the magic ticket. You are typically balanced and at peace with yourself, frequently being a source of comfort. They resolve internal and external conflicts quickly to maintain their mental balance. You have a strong balancing effect on your environment and those around you-- identifying lack and knowing how to fill the void.


Libra is the sign associated with Venus, so relationships and being a resource in life are essential to your happiness and feeling safe in the world. Libra represents the scales, so absolute harmony must rein, and you’ll do everything you can to make it a reality. What mustn’t be done is glossing over situations just to avoid conflict and has more to do with how you achieve the depth and respect you long to experience. A well-functioning relationship does experience the natural ebbs and flows of life.

Your peace of mind includes good friends and harmonious relationships. These human connections are successful because you can identify where you fill the void in each other’s lives. You thrive when there are people around, and you work to gain the admiration of your friends-- the genuine connection is essential to life. In addition, since they have a unique sense of beauty, their homes are usually artistic and aesthetically pleasing places, ideal for gatherings and parties.


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The Moon plays an essential role in a person’s birth chart. Knowing the particular Zodiac sign, your Moon falls under is key to understanding this aspect of who you are. Knowing the exact time of birth is crucial for proper calculation as the Moon changes signs around every 2.5 days. The Moon naturally rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer, a water element that connects us to our sense of who we are.