The Moon in Virgo

People born under a Moon in Virgo are analytical, detail-oriented, and cooperative people.
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Moon sign Virgo
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Calculating Virgo Moon

Being born under a Virgo Moon means reason and logic will reign supreme. Preferring to listen to the inner chatter in your head, you sometimes leave out the tapping of your heart-- distrust of feelings is a natural expression. So instead, decisions are usually made after a thorough review of all aspects, whether in their profession or love.


Having a Moon in Virgo makes you rarely have spontaneous outbursts of emotion-- remaining very calm and balanced in your environment. You will rarely need to go out of your way to do something crazy. Comfort comes when everything goes according to plan, enjoying life when it runs smoothly, and are surprisingly open to questions about how you do it. Happiness comes when you find happiness is finding your usefulness in society. The willingness to help is immense.

Sometimes it’s just the opposite for love. Difficulty expressing your feelings is a possible experience, but with time, you can open up. Then, you’ll feel safe to open up with a partner or friend who has worked hard to gain your trust. An informed decision comes after a thorough review-- increasing the likelihood of safe passage.

As with other aspects of life, you analyze everything carefully, so romance and spontaneity sometimes fall by the wayside. A Moon in Virgo gives you the ability to multitask well and excel at managing your personal life due to your systematic thinking. Your attention to detail makes you work well, willing to always put in the effort needed to get to the finish line.



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The Moon plays an essential role in a person’s birth chart. Knowing the particular Zodiac sign, your Moon falls under is key to understanding this aspect of who you are. Knowing the exact time of birth is crucial for proper calculation as the Moon changes signs around every 2.5 days. The Moon naturally rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer, a water element that connects us to our sense of who we are.