The Chinese animal zodiac sign rat (Foto: © FalconScallagrim -

The Rat

Rats are familiar, convivial - occasionally belligerent!
The Chinese animal zodiac sign rat (Foto: © FalconScallagrim -

The Rat

Rats are familiar, convivial - occasionally belligerent!

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Rat


Represented hours of the Rat: 
11h p.m. – 1h a.m. 

Cardinal direction: north

Season / month: winter / December

Fix element: water

Parallel zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Positive characteristics: charming, goal-orientated, family, active, fancy, sophisticated, optimistic 

Negative characteristics: loquacious, aggressive, envious, unquiet

The Rat

Humans who were born in the year of the Rat (chinese sign 子) have a genuine, charming nature - complemented with a bright personality. A superbly functioning network is the profound foundation - but if the rat would decide to give someone its heart,–it represents its loving kindness. Within its family environment, the rat is reliable towards its family responsibilities.  But be careful: Even so of having a close friendship or relationship to a rat, behave still careful – not telling anything at all. You should not communicate too much about your secrets – the rat's nature is not good at keeping secrets, it is too loquacious.

Diversified occupation suits you best, dear Rat

This sign claims ability to represent curiosity, originality and highly intelligence.The zodiac sign of the rat is verily ambitious and determined – as soon as it knows what might be gained. Rats work diligently and consistently in their career. The rat could show a tendency to behave harshly. Career is an important topic for the person who was born in the year of the Rat. The person of the zodiac sign Rat attaches value to inspired productions… its intuition is rather present and gives helpful advice. The Rat, in general, is ambitious and prepares functional results. The Rat gives energetic assistance and gives a strong impetus to career. The Rat prefers diversified occupation.

They do everything for their family…

Regarding romance and love matters the Rat is constant, romantic and affectionate. He Rat might be engaged with a person similar to it: intelligent, eloquent and ambitious. In the Rat’s opinion, the pursuit of happiness is only to realize by economic welfare… The partner, spouse or lover of the Rat should not be more luxurious on the one hand, but on the other hand, should teach a better life style. The perfect partner for the Rat would be the Monkey. Less prosperous might be the combination with the Horse, the Pig or the Rooster. The natures of both zodiac animal sign are problems in disguise – hiding complicated potential for arising conflicts.


Ideal partner:
Dragon, Monkey

Ox, Snake, Rat, Dog

Moderately suitable:
Tiger, Rabbit, Goat, Rooster, Pig


The five elements of the Rat

Earth Rat

Born as an earth Rat you may be intelligent and responsible – with regard to other Rats you are more upholding traditions. Common sense is their measure – never allowing themselves being too risky and adventurous.

Chinese Horoscope - Earth - Rat | photo: (c) deagreez  -

They are most of all practical and logical, however, caused by these characteristics each enterprise would be flourishing.

The Rats are thinking over each single possible development – less pure profit oriented, but most carefully acting with taking into consideration of medium- term and long-term goals. The earth Rat is more level-headed than other Rat types. It avoids taking unnecessary risks. It prefers feeling the ground beneath its feet and is willing to bring on and adopts best measure.

Fire Rat

Passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: The fire Rat represents confidence and impatientness– bursting with strength. Innovative projects, renewals and improvements in general are set on the lists. Defying all odds they are regrettably haunted by pure egoism and their predominating behaviour won’t be welcome. On professional level the fire Rat dominates the upper floors of the managers and members of the executive boards.

Chinese Horoscope - Fire - Rat | photo: (c)  BigLike Images -

Energetic and combatively it shows its passionate ambition towards the focus of public welfare. The fire Rat is less close than other Rat types, but it is promoting truth and common sense. The zodiac sign fire Rat needs its freedom and likes wandering. They have the tendency to lose control concerning discipline, tact and competition.

Wood Rat

These kinds of persons prefer feeling the ground beneath their feet – close to their adequate element wood. Wood Rats endeavour of certitude in life. They collect material and non-material goods by maintaining of ethic and attitude to morality. Wood Rats are open-minded towards development and improvement. They bring up projects and ideas with persuasion and assertiveness towards lucrative sustainability.

Chinese Horoscope - Wood - Rat | photo: (c) Africa Studio

The element of wood reinforces the Rat’s specific needs of security and related topics. It is confident and wishes to live in accordance with firm principles. It is looking for satisfying results and solutions, if required. As a consequence the Wood Rat obtains success and social recognition.

Water Rat

The Water Rat shows itself adaptably towards distinct forms of changes – in contrary towards the Metal Rat, which reflects more resistance. Variable conditions and dependence are accepted without hesitation and doubt. Water Rats are inquisitive minds and like to develop further on mental level. Born in the year belonging to the element of water this type of Rat has sensitivity and likes to communicate – keen sense of intuition. Sometimes it is tired and shows passive presence for a while…

Chinese Horoscope - Water - Rat | photo: (c) filirochka -

But for its personal environment it has a positive effect: water let things and thoughts flow. The water rat gives sensitive advice as soon as it is necessary to face conflicts. It is facing challenges and creates personal development on a higher educational level. The rat has a keen eye and is good at writing down thoughts. It has imagination and is reflecting from a distinct point of view.

Metal Rat

The Metal Rat is strong, firm and high principled. It is controlled when other are upset – keeps calm within challenging situations. Obstinate and with ambition - the rat follows its imagination and is equally goal orientated.

Chinese Horoscope - Metal - Rat | photo: (c) Julija -

The focus on career - it is the successful path for which it decides. Practising strong ambitioned and throughout regardless it is on its way. Kindly agreed to resume its path on career it might be chosen the proper way, but in a fancy shape!


Represented hours of the Rat: 
11h p.m. – 1h a.m. 

Cardinal direction: north

Season / month: winter / December

Fix element: water

Parallel zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Positive characteristics: charming, goal-orientated, family, active, fancy, sophisticated, optimistic 

Negative characteristics: loquacious, aggressive, envious, unquiet

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