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Zodiac sign Cancer | Photo: © midjourney
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, holds much more than what meets the eye. It's often associated with family, home, and emotional sensitivity, but the complexity of this Water sign cannot be understated.

Mars is in the sign of Leo | Photo: ©

On 20 May, the planet Mars transitioned into the passionate and dynamic sign of Leo. Here it remains until 10 July.

Pluto turns retrograde | Photo: © midjourney

From 1 May to 11 October 2023, Pluto, our planet of transformation, is retrograde. These are the effects it has on the signs of the zodiac.

Pluto is now in the sign of Aquarius | Photo: © midjourney

Pluto in Aquarius heralds a new age. Especially in the field of progress, technology, and community life, profound transformations are gradually announcing themselves.

Saturn has arrived in Pisces | Photo: © midjourney

Learn the astrological meaning and influence of Saturn in Pisces until 2025 . Focus on your feelings and find structure.

Goddess Uranus | Photo: © midjourney

On 23 January, Uranus went direct again . For five months, it was in retrograde. But now is the right time again to put plans into action!

Saturn 2023 | Photo: © Ivan Andrianov /
Annual horoscope

Saturn, the strict teacher, throws many an obstacle in your path. But these zodiac signs have the chance to develop further in 2023.

Wedding Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs | Photo: © Halfpoint -

No wedding should be without this: The wedding horoscope for the husband. How will he experience the wedding? That's what the stars say!