Calculate your rising sign | Photo: ©

Calculate your rising sign / ascendant / natal / birth chart

Find out more about your personality
Calculate your rising sign | Photo: ©

Calculate your rising sign / ascendant / natal / birth chart

Find out more about your personality

Calculate your ascendant, zodiac sign, moon sign, natal chart, and horoscope of birth.

The ascendant (abbr. AC) is the zodiac sign that rises in the eastern horizon at birth.

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Video - 10 things about the rising sign

What are the most important things about the ascendant?

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Rising Sign (Ascendant) FAQ

Calculate your ascendant - I don't know the time of birth!

The time of birth is often reported in the baptismal certificate, in a mother-child passport, or in the birth certificate. But if, for example, you can no longer ask your mother or she does not remember, then you have a problem. If an astrologer cannot find out the time, then he usually assumes the time for the horoscope creation to be noon. This fact does not help with the calculation because it changes every two hours. If you have no other option, click through all 12 and see if one fits particularly well or which ones are shortlisted. (A friend should also check the self-assessment; maybe he has an entirely different view.)

I don't know the place of birth!

The location is just as important as time. However, it is not so important whether you know exactly where you were born. A few kilometers up or down don’t change the result significantly. (Unless you were born exactly on the border of a time zone, then you need to know it exactly).

What is a house in astrology?

The "houses," also called "fields," divide the horoscope into twelve sections. A Zodiac sign can be assigned to each house. In astrology, the relationship between the heavenly bodies symbolize character predispositions. The houses refer to the view from the earth.

By rotating the earth, once in 24 hours, we obtain different projection images of the Zodiac signs at different times. The "houses capture this projection of the Signs of the Zodiac on earth." Accordingly, the top of the first house is the starting point, the ascendant. The ascendant sign can be any of the Twelve Zodiac signs - depending on the time and place of birth.

The ascendant is the sign that rises in the East at the time of birth.

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Why is our ascendant calculator so good?

  • Our calculations are correct! Other ascendant computers have problems, such as correctly taking daylight saving time and the time zone into account, which can lead to an incorrect result.
  • The worldwide calculation is possible. You can enter any place of birth anywhere in the world you want. In our international database are (almost) all locations. Other computers have problems with places outside Germany or with areas that contain umlauts/special characters (for example, München). 
  • We calculate not only the ascendant but also the zodiac sign, the moon sign, or the complete birth chart free of charge.
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How do other people see your personality? Your rising sign will reveal it. | Photo: ©

How do other people see your personality? Your rising sign will reveal it. 

The ascendant (Rising sign)

The ascendant (abbreviation AC) is the Zodiac sign that appears on the Eastern horizon at a person's birth, more precisely: the intersection of the Eastern Horizon with the Ecliptic. Due to the movement of the Earth's axis, this Sign changes approximately every two hours. The entire zodiac is traversed within 24 hours. Therefore, not only the exact place of birth but also the time of birth is required to calculate the personal ascendant. The term can derive from the Latin word "ascendere." That means "to ascend."

The ascendant is, therefore, an essential point in the individual horoscope interpretation. Especially in connection with the Sun sign, new statements can be made about each person.

While the Sun sign describes the ego, thought, and personality, the ascendant stands for the reaction of people to their environment and others. The ascendant tells us something about how a person affects our environment on the one hand and how we are perceived and seen by other people on the other.

The ascendant symbolizes what skills and potential are in people and how they respond to the external inputs and deal with certain situations based on these properties.

The Descendant

The descendant (abbreviation DC) lies on the horizontal axis, precisely opposite the ascendant. It is the Zodiac Sign that disappears on the Western Horizon at the time of a person's (the intersection of the Western horizon with the ecliptic). The word descendant also has its origin in the Latin language. It comes from the Latin term "descendere," which means "to descend" in English.

In contrast to the ascendant, which describes our dispositions and shows how we react intuitively to situations, the descendant instead describes what persons do not have, what they lack. It shows how people must deal with everyday things that overwhelm them due to their disposition in the ascendant. The descendant symbolizes what people still must learn or how their potential can be better used.

The descendant stands for the outside and the influences that affect and challenge people. It can also become a projection surface for things that the individual does not live out or would like to live out. It is described as you point in the horoscope.

It is particularly interesting to look at the descendant within a partner horoscope. It shows how you perceive your counterpart and what you still must learn about a happy partnership.



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Rising Sign - Ascendant

The ascendant (or rising sign) is the second most important astrological sign in a horoscope. Learn the meaning of each sign.

Aries Ascendant

Great energy and assertiveness

Taurus Ascendant

Sociable people who value traditions

Gemini Ascendant

Curious and open

Cancer Ascendant

Emotional and sensitive

Leo Ascendant

Enthusiastic and honest

Virgo Ascendant

Neat, organizational talent, excellent observation skills

Libra Ascendant

Friendly, selfless, sociable

Scorpio Ascendant

Great passion, idealistic and helpful

Sagittarius Ascendant

Social, fair, thankful

Capricorn Ascendant

Stable, confident, factual

Aquarius Ascendant

Independent, creative, individual

Pisces Ascendant

Idealistic, good-natured, generous