Cancer Sun Taurus Rising

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising - The Perfect Homemaker

This Cancer Needs Security Above All Else
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Cancer Sun Taurus Rising
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In this combination, the Moon (which rules Cancer) and Venus (which rules Taurus) join forces. In Greek Mythology, the Moon is Artemis, virginal goddess of the hunt and Venus is Aphrodite, goddess of love. Artemis is daughter of Zeus and Leto and sister to Apollo (the Sun). Aphrodite was made of Uranus’ genitals and is therefore related to Aphrodite.

The person with this combination sits comfortably at home, literally. Their home is everything to them. It is where they feel secure and safe and where they cook their delicious meals because one thing is for certain – this person is a gifted cook; it is in their stars. This person also does not like intruders in their space and can appear unwelcoming to those they do not approve of who come too close to them, those they love, or their personal space and dwelling.


This person is also very much about family and will do whatever it takes to provide for, nurture and take care of them. They have a great affinity for nature as well as animals and will often walk outside at night to stare at the moon and breathe in the fresh grass.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Taurus Rising

There’s no doubt about it, this person is susceptible to weight gain and may be round in shape with a big belly. They may have a round face with big blue or green eyes, with sensual thick lips, a thick head of hair and elegant or thick neck. This person may have a lot of upper body strength.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Career

First and foremost, there are definite careers that stick out for this person with such a combination. These are careers focused around food, finance, real estate and possibly music . Aquarius rules the 10th House of Career, and this points to any career that has technology attached to it. Therefore, this person may be a computer programmer or web developer related to the careers mentioned previously. They may also be involved in helping others, such as a social worker or helping others become their best selves, such as a life coach.


Libra rules their 6th House of every day work, so they could be involved in law or interior decorating or design, as well as art. Wedding planning may even interest them, or offering catering services at weddings.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Health

Thank goodness for Taurus Rising here, because a Cancer Sun often deals with swaying emotions that affect their mental health. Taurus Rising gives rise to a more stable mind and grounding effect when those moods fly all over the place . With Libra ruling the 6th House of health, the kidneys especially need to watched and excessive alcohol is to be avoided. Libra rules the endocrine system, so it’s also important to avoid sugar as much as possible as diabetes can occur.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Love

This person mostly attracts other Water and Earth signs . It is what they are most comfortable with. Scorpio rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage, so they desire an intense physical connection with someone they find attractive who brings intensity and a lot of passion into the relationship. They seek relationships that transform them from the inside out. Pisces makes for a wonderful partner as does a Cancer and Scorpio. Virgo makes a nice partner too as well as Taurus, and there will be a lot of erotic tension with Capricorn.


Aries may be too impulsive for this combination, but will make for a good friend. Geminis and Leos make good friends as well. Sagittarians may be too adventurous and independent for this combination, as they always want to travel and leave their comfort zones. Aquarians may be too emotionally detached for this combination, while there may be similar viewpoints with Librans, however there may not be the huge emotional connection that this combination desires.

How Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Taurus rising, this person needs to wake up slowly in their own time . They get irritated by alarm clocks and need to get out of bed after doing a few breathing exercises and meditation in bed to calm them and bring focus for the day; gratitude meditations always are highly recommended. They then should, but don’t always want to, choose some form of exercise they enjoy. Afterwards they should eat a hearty and filling breakfast to keep them full for a few hours, sip on coffee or tea and jump into a warm and luxurious bath or shower. It will give them pleasure to spend a long time grooming themselves so that they feel beautiful when they step out their home. If they have gardens, they should nurture and water their plants for a while, and give love and attention to their pets early in the morning, as this will all bring them joy.

Famous Cancer Sun Taurus Rising People

The late famous Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla was born with this combination. He was an inventor, futurist and electrical and mechanical engineer. Conor McGregor, who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also has this combination. Famous Grammy Award-winning Latin rock musical genius Carlos Santana was also born with this combination. He is known for his brilliantly talented guitar work.  


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