Sagittarius attitude toward jealousy | © lassedesignen  -

Sagittarius attitude toward jealousy


Sagittarius attitude toward jealousy | © lassedesignen  -


Sagittarius attitude toward jealousy

Sagittarius – no difference whether male or female represent the archer with arrow and bow. The arch is tensioned – it reflects Sagittarius comportment by nature. What does it mean for Sagittarius character? Caused by this posture it may not be possible to keep it for a long while. It represents a moment of high tension - focuses on the desired target. What might be the perfect moment to shoot? From the athletic point of view, it becomes rather clear what makes his talent – and causes his spell of hastiness. It is easier to comprehend.

Quick and quick-witted

It means Sagittarius is quick and quick-witted – it’s his nature. Directness is his felt obligation – nothing else Sagittarius would intend… Focussing and controlling, but he must achieve successfully is aims – that is most important topic at all.

His heart is full of language and the will to persuade – every single shot ought to be a hit. For this reason, it is easier to comprehend Sagittarius nature, finally. What’s the subject? What might be the topic and the deal? Sagittarius is a smart one and he cannot be without any opinion or point of view – e is politically interested and after he would like to save the world. Although doing various things and going on so many journeys he'd never lose his path in a serious and questionable way.

Ausgesprochen katastrophal

An ongoing process is something to continue without any doubt. Sagittarius influences other persons by giving parts of his individual personality to them – working always as a politician and pioneer. It might be easy, he might be strong. Is he compromising or actually searching for an agreement? Or does he prefer a disagreement for his political correctness – or to be precise: It makes no difference at all. Velocity is pressure he is fond of – he feels bored most of the time when the new challenge would have not arrived on time. You have to think of this crucial point when you start valuing his remarkable dominance. He likes to talk - he likes to listen as well.

And something is written in the dust. Silently reciting and giving in – the impression is the performance of an actor – thus may you offer the estimation of transmitting knowledge and wisdom of Sagittarius very own kingdom. Spoken words are always amazing poetry.

It might be easy, he might be strong.

Everyone knows…

Written words or phrases are advancing promises. If words are no longer remaining unsaid – you can look through anybody’s mind and state of mind. Defeat is an impossible result.

There are eleven zodiac signs who have to handle Sagittarius when his rage is high. Actually, Sagittarius would come to know what might have happened when he hit the target, but it may shape a new enormous approach to recognition and acceptance by others – most of the Sagittarius needs this. Proud Sagittarius searches for intelligent solutions - acceptance of failure caused by any disagreements must be avoided. Nevertheless, salvation might come from the ambiguous spirit that would never let him down.


The embarrassing situation would, unfortunately, offer new paths and complete new dimensions of a solution. When Sagittarius ekes out his situation – in particular for the future – he works normally without a safety net. It could be a quality - it is his extraordinary type – advanced progression is his very own field on the career. He represents the speaker considered from the traditional viewpoint. Sagittarius is of the combative kind – he needs challenges, but he has no fear. Difficulties could have been aroused when he shows his unbridled temperament after. Now he feels like standing beside himself and while the cumulation would calm he must have considered regretfully what reasoned.

Argueing for various political issues and areas of responsibility make him stronger and brighter.

But it presents a fact in general – regarding all zodiac signs. There are – equally normal – various types of fire sign of Sagittarius. Having a closer look at the similar types you may recognize what the difference makes could be regarded as the salt. Be aware when Sagittarius is keeping around you – he would see all you want to hide. For Sagittarius it is an important fact to control and compound if needed: it would offer possibilities to achieve… Sagittarius is no lazy one – he directs so many fields. Temper and moods are always alternating, but the core means the same.

If something regarding Sagittarius ought to be skipped – we realize begging your pardon.

But for no reason it might be written or said to give Sagittarius ever a backward dimension – he represents the spirit of the future – with passing all faux pas that might even exist. Sagittarius is a player, but he’s a joker and a jester, but is an actor and would prefer taking the active part – after all drama and misunderstanding or mistakes. That’s why you could rely on him – not in that classical shape – but one the other hand he likes to shape. When you leave your imagination about your childhood fancies then you cannot comprehend what Sagittarius nature spells.

The journey represents always a journey of so many dimensions – and each journey would leave a trace by the track and has an effect, which would have been transmitted. Sagittarius has a curious and inquisitive nature. His character is shaped by the spirit of knowledge and the experience of pioneer thinking.

A frontier means to be crossed. 

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius shows a few types. The one acts first – the other is a doubter – the next is a thinker or even a broody person; how do you see what could be said? He seems to be the philosopher and the priest - leaving the action behind. Jupiter is the patronized planet of Sagittarius. Jupiter gives the most significant influence. Jupiter is the lucky one and has seldom knowledge about regrets and missed opportunities. 

Finally, we turn to the main topic of jealousy. When it is confirmed about lucky Jupiter is admirable then it is based on the reason of being the brave knight and the perfect jester playing on so many fields – often wearing a mask. Masks represent the best camouflage – Sagittarius dislikes being revealed… 

Sagittarius likes it to keep his cards close – despite all his open minded interest in more than one world. You see his kindness, his love for creation and creatures. He’s an activist – by his heart, his head, and his hands. Do not neglect this fact. Sagittarius is the mysterious open-minded red rooster who never can hide, but you can seldom catch him.


His element is fire and therefore he burns for confidence and trust when he is fond of being admired, of course. The contemporary friend should not miss giving any compliments to Sagittarius – making no difference whether male or female. Mutual taking and giving – in particular starting with compliments let him easily melt away. Generosity should be his subjects – he is quite disappointed if this would have been taken from him - against his wish and conception. He treats the attitude being generous – be aware – does not hurt his pride inadvertently. Now we come to something serious and complete logical performance. We enter the field of love relationship and marriage. Jealousy is often referred to as thorn of love.

Sagittarius has no scary feeling related to relationships - but he is freedom loving one. When it should be remembered his open mind toward world creatures he seems to be among all and in the midst all that. Finding solutions he considered as his issue – concerning love matters as well. Having doubts he dispersed all doubt – as long as he can. His ideal love is sublime – more or less for an adequate moment or span of time. He ruffles when he realized thinking over petty or small-minded attitudes in his big world – so he is convinced doing the right thing – making the right decision at all. He would like to be friendly and fond – and a long time he likes to manage and arrange the philanthropic state of mind. But on the other hand, it can change as well. Jealousy should not gain a room of his own in his lifestyle model, but noone is immune, what would happen one day. Are they the fascinated lucky ones? It could appear as a logical result of all that is mentioned before, but surprises are always on the stage. You might be right giving in. Jealousy the crucial topic with regard to love relationships and marriage is a double faced demon.

Do you find one - do you would have found so many ones – respect and consider unfortunately the mask behind the curtain of jealous sensation. You won’t be silly. 


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