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The Sun changes into the sign Leo | Photo: ©
Sun in Leo

When the Sun is in Leo, some zodiac signs benefit and receive much strengthening. Others, however, should pay more attention to their health during this time.

Saturn turns retrograde | Photo: ©
Saturn turns retrograde

Saturn in Aquarius will be retrograde from 4 June to 22 October 2022. This period should be used by four zodiac signs in particular to address and solve problems.

Saturn is in Aquarius | Photo: © Griggs
Saturn in Aquarius

Since 22 March 2020 Saturn has been in Aquarius, and will now demand many tests from us in all areas of life.

Jupiter is in Aries since May1 11th | Photo: ©
Jupiter in Aries

From 11 May 2022 to 16 May 2023, Jupiter resides in the zodiac sign of Aries. When Jupiter is in the sign of Aries, enormous energy is pulled forth in the Universe and cast upon Earth to get things done!

Wedding Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs | Photo: © Halfpoint -

No wedding should be without this: The wedding horoscope for the husband. How will he experience the wedding? That's what the stars say!