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Current aspects

Time Aspects
04:46 Mercury Trine Neptune
06:45 Moon Square Jupiter
07:27 Sun Trine Moon
12:23 Mercury Square Mars
15:20 Moon → Pisces
16:47 Moon Sextile Uranus
23:25 Moon Sextile Saturn

Timezone: America/Chicago, UTC-05:00

Daily Horocope October 20th 2018 | Photo: © SolisImages - Fotolia.com

20th October Horoscope

The conjunction between the moon and Neptune reflects the desire for fancy and imagination.

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Daily horocope October 21st 2018 | Photo: © Sabine Schönfeld - Fotolia.com

21st October Horoscope

The sextile between the moon and Pluto let arise rich sentiments.

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Daily Horoscope October 22nd 2017 | Photo: © vrabelpeter1 - Fotolia.com

22nd October Horoscope

The sextile between Pluto and Mercury gives new drive.

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Daily Horocope October 23rd 2018 | Photo: ©  ricka_kinamoto - Fotolia.com

23rd October Horoscope

The sun enters in the zodiac sign Scorpio. Happy Birthday!

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Horoscope October 24th 2018 | Photo: © antgor - Fotolia.com

24th October Horoscope

Today is a full moon!

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Horoscope October 25th 2018 | Photo: © DoraZett - Fotolia.com

25th October Horoscope

On emotional level you might be in a tender mood, but it could show partial orientation.

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Daily Horoscope October 26th 2018 | Photo: ©   Christopher Boswell - Fotolia.com

26th October Horoscope

Today you like to party!

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Daily horoscope October 27th 2018 | Photo: © MAGNIFIER - Fotolia.com

27th October Horoscope

The sextile between the sun and Saturn will give continuity and permanence

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Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon - fotolia.com

Yearly horoscope 2018 - The year of love

New year, new you! 2018 is on the way, and bringing with it all the energy of the planet Venus. That makes now a great time for love, friendship and community. The key to success is working together.

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monthly horoscope cw 42 2019 | photo (c) yellowj - stock.adobe.com

Weekly Horoscope cw 42

Here comes the astrological outlook on this week...

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My horoscope | Photo: (c) Romolo Tavani - fotolia.com

My horoscope

What about your stars today? Calculate your individual horoscope for free.

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Monthly horoscope October 2018 | photo: H:\Meine Ablage\07_StockFotos\01_schicksal\istock\monatshoroskop

Monthly horoscope October 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the zodiac signs in October 2018?

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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract – from astrological point of view? What about the type of marriage and matrimonial matters? Here comes the marriage horoscope for future spouse…

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