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Current aspects

Zeit Aspekte
05:07 Sun → Cancer - summer solstice
11:53 Venus Opposition Mars
15:29 Moon Square Mercury
20:34 Moon Square Pluto

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Daily horoscope June 22nd 2018 | Photo: (c) Khorzhevska - fotolia.com

22nd June Horoscope

On June 22nd, 2018, the trine between Sun and Moon spells fortune in general – harmonious togetherness regarding parental care and relationship.

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Daily horoscope June 23rd, 2018 | Photo: (c) shaiith - fotolia.com

23rd June Horoscope

On June 23rd, 2018, sextile between the sun and Uranus gives confidence and preserves authenticity.

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Daily horoscope June 24th .2018 | Photo: (c) galitskaya - fotolia.com

24th June Horoscope

On June 24th, 2018, when the moon changes to the sign of Sagittarius you feel passionate and ardent. You may feel a restless and unsettled mood today.

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Daily horoscope June 25th 2017 | Photo: (c) Robert Kneschke - fotolia.com

25th June Horoscope

On June 25th, 2018, the sextile between Moon and mars gives us strong will, courage and adventurous spirit – we are open-minded with a clear mind.

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Daily horoscope June 26th 2018 | Photo: © DragonImages - Fotolia.com

26th June Horoscope

On June 26th, 2018, the Moon square Neptune reveals dreamy tendencies, passivity, illusions and emotional disturbance.

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Daily horoscope June 27th 2017 | Photo: (c)  romiri - fotolia.com

27th June Horoscope

On June 27th, 2018, when the moon is in the sign of Capricorn we are serious, focused and determined. It is given to approaching sublime goals.

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Daily horoscope June 28th 2018 | Photo: (c) wavebreak3 - fotolia.com

28th June Horoscope

On June 28th, 2018, the sextile between Moon and Neptune supports facing challenges and creates personal development on a higher educational level.

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daily horoscope 29th june 2018 | photo: (c) soup studio - fotolia.com

29th June Horoscope

On June 29th, 2018, the moon changes into the sign of Aquarius. Persons born in the sign of Aquarius are receptive to joy and leisure activities.

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Yearly horoscope 2018  | © tortoon - fotolia.com

Yearly horoscope 2018 - The year of love

New year, new you! 2018 is on the way, and bringing with it all the energy of the planet Venus. That makes now a great time for love, friendship and community. The key to success is working together.

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Weekly horoscope cw 24 2018 | Photo: © mooseshop - Fotolia.com

Weekly Horoscope cw 25

Here comes the astrological outlook on this week...

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My horoscope | Photo: (c) Romolo Tavani - fotolia.com

My horoscope

What about your stars today? Calculate your individual horoscope for free.

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Horoscope for March 2018 | Photo: (c) mcarutemu - fotolia.com

Monthly Horoscope March 2018

Finally, spring is arriving. On 20th March, the Sun is moving into the zodiac sign Aries. Here is your monthly horoscope ...

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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract – from astrological point of view? What about the type of marriage and matrimonial matters? Here comes the marriage horoscope for future spouse…

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