Pisces Ascendant

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Pisces Ascendant
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Pisces Ascendants can have a hard time defending themselves against external influences and find themselves in vulnerable positions . With all its mundane issues and constant struggles, everyday life is not always easy to master for these people. As a result, they quickly withdraw from their problems and dream of a different, more peaceful and loving, and better world. They often connect more with the natural world than people.

Pisces Ascendants are happy to talk about all the philosophical truths at the core of our existence - philosophy, spirituality, and religion can be their favorite topics. However, they sense that there is much more to discover beneath the surface, a more incredible expanse outside.


The planet Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune, in Greek mythology is the great and powerful god of the ocean, Poseidon. People think Pisces Ascendants are really quiet and harmless, but just remember what a tidal wave can do because when Pisces' emotions are uncontrollable, a lot of damage can be done to those around them! However, when everything is "pleasant sailing," and the waters are calm, beautiful things can be manifested! Pisces Ascendants don't have boundaries and this can become an issue.
Pisces is a Mutable, Water sign. 

Pisces Ascendant Motto and Looks

They desire connection with people more than anything and crave a deep and expansive bond while in a relationship. For the Pisces Ascendant, being close to the people they love is the ultimate motivation, and they go above and beyond to bring everyone together. Their motto is "I feel." They feel EVERYTHING! They feel all the energies of the trees, animals, and plants around them, as well as the people. They are highly sensitive to others' vibrations. 

A Pisces AC often has a long, oval face, big, dreamy blue or green almond-shaped eyes, and long wavy hair. They like to dress in clothes that have shades of blue in them, as well as pastels and tie-dyes that are flowing and free. Pisces Ascendants want freedom above all else and dislike wearing clothes that make them feel restricted.


Pisces Ascendant Qualities - The Good

These people are sensitive and have big hearts but must learn to care for themselves and not cling too tightly to others. They are extremely kind to others and have compassion for all living things. They also have unconditional love for all and easily forgive those who have hurt them. 

Pisces Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

They are great escape artists! The minute things get really tough and rough for a Pisces Ascendant, they want out! It is well known that any strong connection to Pisces in the chart can lead to addictive behavior. Pisces Ascendants may turn to alcohol and recreational drugs to escape reality and feel better about their existence. Their lack of boundaries can become a huge problem in their lives, and they can often lose control mentally. They can be extremely messy and are able to live in an environment that is disorderly. 

Pisces Descendant - Virgo

The polarity of Virgo brings a sense of reality and practicality, allowing the Pisces Ascendant to gradually gain traction, stand on their own, and become a bit more grounded. It also teaches them to have a neat and tidy routine when dealing with others. They learn that keeping pleasant relationships with others often takes hard work. A routine is exceptionally important for them to function in this world as they can connect to spiritual realms almost too easily. 


Pisces rules the 12th house of institutions, the hidden and unconscious, while Virgo rules the 6th house of order, precision, everyday work, and domestic animals.  Pisces is about mess, while Virgo is about order. 
This puts Neptune (Poseidon) and Mercury (Hermes - and Demeter and Persephone) together. A Pisces Descendant will always have mess and disorder around them and will feel the strong need to put order in their lives. 

Pisces Ascendant Positive Traits

They are idealistic, believing, internalized, truthful, selfless, good-natured, meek, charitable, helpful, devoted, kind, trusting, humble, benevolent, soulful, psychic and mystical .

Pisces Ascendant Negative Traits

They can be mysterious, meddling, adventurous, lavish, drunk, dissatisfied, depressed, uncontrolled, restless, self-torturing, weak-willed, baseless, often overwhelmed in everyday life, depressed, and tend to flee into their dream world . They often have no boundaries.

Famous Pisces Ascendant Celebrities

The list of famous Pisces Ascendant celebrities includes the stunning multi-Grammy award-winning singer Billie Eilish (who has the bluest "ocean eyes"), Barbie actor Ryan Gosling , Grammy award-winning singer Alicia Keys, and the late, great multi-Grammy award winner Whitney Houston. 


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