Sagittarius Ascendant

Optimistic With Broad Horizons
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Sagittarius Ascendant
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People with a Sagittarius Ascendant will always be attracted to faraway lands. Traveling, moving, and exploring new cultures and experiences invigorate them. The world fascinates their optimistic outlook, and they need to be active. They want to broaden their horizons.

Sagittarius Ascendants are looking for the meaning of life, what holds the world together, and what informs the people they meet. Somewhere out there, they hope they will get the answers. They have a feel for finding common ground and connecting elements between people. They have positive temperaments and attract good fortune. 


Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, rules Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, Jupiter is Zeus, the most powerful of all the gods . Having Zeus by your side as an Ascendant is lucky! Zeus sat on his tall throne in the sky and watched with an eagle's eye view all those below him. Jupiter Ascendants have an extremely broad vision. They don't always pay attention to the details, and they don't really have strong boundaries. Centaurs also represent Sagittarius

Sagittarius Ascendant Motto and Looks

The Sagittarius Ascendant motto is "Don't worry, be happy!"  They are born smiling and naturally have a sunny disposition, always seeing the glass as half full.

They can be quite overweight as they find it hard to resist good food and love finishing their plates, no matter how full they are. The weight they gain may be around the hips and thighs, giving them pear-shaped bodies. They carry broad smiles with them and like to wear bright and warm colors - reds, oranges, and yellows, mixed with black and blues. 


Sagittarius Ascendant Qualities - The Good

They can benefit significantly from their savvy knowledge and ability to mingle with others in their professional lives. They see the bigger picture and are very good at recognizing others' skills and delegating tasks accordingly. They are generally very jovial and happy people who are also very lucky. They also make tremendously good teachers and scholars .

Sagittarius Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

Sagittarius Risings must learn to accept some restrictions, and they often overlook differences. If Sagittarius Ascendants believe in an idea, they think that others must also support it. They are reluctant to accept conflicting opinions and can easily anger others with their passionate insistence . Freedom-loving Sagittarius Ascendants can be reluctant to commit to relationships and love. They can also be quite dominant at times.

Sagittarius Descendant - Gemini

The Sagittarius Descendant (DC) is in the sign of Gemini. This polarity helps Sagittarius Ascendants become more open to their thought processes and others' opinions. As a result, their acceptance increases over time. They are attracted to people who enjoy conversing and expressing their thoughts and ideas about things. 


Sagittarius rules the 9th house of higher learning and travel, while Gemini rules the 3rd house of primary learning and communication. Here we have Zeus and Mercury at play. Media, words, study, travel, and publishing will always play a big part in this person's life!  

Sagittarius Ascendant Positive Traits

They are kind, helpful, generous, benevolent, caring, noble, harmonious, mild, cheerful, humorous, reconciling, social, just, grateful, keen to travel, tolerant, curious, cosmopolitan, lucky, freedom-loving, active, optimistic, and future-oriented .

Sagittarius Ascendant Negative Traits

They tend to be gullible, careless, lavish, ostentatious, risk-taking, unreasonable, arrogant, boastful, conceited, vain, hypocritical, bribable, unfair,  and over-adventurous .

Famous Sagittarius Ascendant Celebrities

The list of famous Sagittarius Ascendants includes the most famous woman in the world, Kim Kardashian , media mega-personality Oprah Winfrey , actresses Scarlett Johansson and Jodie Foster, singer and actress Rita Ora, and the late politician and author Nelson Mandela. 


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