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A magical Full Moon in Gemini
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On Monday, November 30, 2020, there is a full moon in  Gemini. Which zodiac signs are among the winners? Here is the daily horoscope... 

Horoscope for Sunday, Nov. 29th
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Mercury and Jupiter form a positive relationship today that will continue to be effective tomorrow. We now feel the need to rethink our future and to make plans for it. 

Horoscope for Saturday, Nov. 28th
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Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 27th
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The positive angle between Mercury and Pluto, which begins today at 11:38 am, also awakens in us a love for what is hidden, and we desire to investigate deeper on such a theme. 

Daily Horoscope for November 26th
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From 7:14 pm onwards, the Moon and Jupiter form this square. However, Jupiter is also generous and optimistic about tension, leading to overdoing things and throwing money out the window.  

daily horoscope for november 25th
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These days we are once again receiving vital energies through the Moon in Aries to help us complete challenging tasks. On the one hand, this is very good; on the other hand, we occasionally have outbursts of anger since the female, and maternal Moon is standing in the Mars area. 

Daily horoscope for November 24th
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These beautiful properties emanate from Mercury and Neptune today and form a beneficial trine throughout the day. But if you expect to receive such inspirations, you should keep calm and reflect. Hectic, for example, drives away every idea that needs to reach us from the spiritual world. 

Horoscope for Monday, Nov. 23rd
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In the afternoon, the Moon and Mercury have a positive effect on us. They will improve our sagacity and mind flexibility, which will benefit us professionally. 

Horoscope for Sunday, Nov. 22nd
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Happy birthday and best wishes for the new year! Jupiter, the regent of Sagittarius - the reason people born under Sagittarius's sign are mostly idealistic - will soon enter Aquarius and stand there for most of the year 2021. 

Horoscope for Saturday, Nov. 21st
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Today, Venus moves to the Zodiac sign Scorpio, and it will stay there until December 15th, 2020. Venus is in a sort of exile since Scorpio faces Taurus, where the Goddess of Love reigns. 

Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 20th
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You could invite friends over the weekend to do something together, for example, a short walk in the surroundings - if the Corona allows. On the one hand, this satisfies the need for a change of location, which is now awakening in people influenced by Aquarius. 

Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 19th
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In the relationship area, unsolved problems could now become topical. And who doesn't have such problems? Only those who met just recently. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Nov. 18th
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However, it is still questionable whether such renewal ideas can be used. Anyway, Uranus is responsible for such flashes of inspiration, as he always works "cross-border," that is, continually wants something new. Uranus is bored by all that is conventional and long-known. 

Daily horoscope for november 17th
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Today we should be careful since the opposition between Mercury and Uranus could make us nervous and irritable; the risk of a harsh reaction is high. And that is not appropriate for household chores, least of all in traffic, and not even in professional work. 

Horoscope for Monday, Nov. 16th
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A square between the two planets is currently active, however, that doesn't prevent them to give off a lot of warmth and passion. Both planets love pleasant contacts in life, and above all, they love all beautiful things. 

Horoscope for Sunday, Nov. 15th
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Today, the New Moon's exact position in the sign Scorpio takes place, so it has the most significant effect during this time. But of course, this conjunction between the Sun and the Moon continues to work throughout the day. 

Horoscope for Saturday, Nov. 14th
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Mars is going direct today, which is why new momentum will emanate from the planet again, in the old and familiar way, which we will soon perceive. Much more energy has to be applied in the retrograde of Mars, and in between, you always have the feeling that you are only making plodding progress. That is gone now. 

Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
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Friday, 13th! Let us not be influenced by it! Statistically, a day like any other, we can also prove it. But of course, in the past, on such days as on the other days, not only positive events occurred. These are reasonable facts suggesting us to speak against superstition, but unfortunately such situations are not enough to dispel fear. 

Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 12th
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A Jupiter-Pluto cycle lasts about 13 years, and in 2020 we will now experience the 3rd conjunction of the two planets after they had already united on April 5th, and then again on June 30th. 

Happiness is waiting for us today
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The wonderful trine between the Sun and Neptune has been effective since yesterday, and today the trine between the Moon and Jupiter is added. So, nothing stands in the way of general well-being and happy experiences. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Nov. 10th
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Mercury will now be in Scorpio until December 2nd, 2020. The most significant contrasts could directly arise, according to the Zodiac sign Scorpio: reshaping and transmutation.  

Horoscope for Monday, Nov. 9th
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In drastic terms, this is how we could characterize the opposition between Venus and Mars, which will be exact today at around 5 pm and will last about two days. As I said, to put it drastically, these forces first of all work into each of our souls, but then it depends on how far we have already developed in character.  

Horoscope for Sunday, Nov. 8th
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Venus is currently in its sign Libra, and Mars in its sign Aries, which is why the two sexes' love effects are equally healthy. However, Mars is in decline, which could be the catch in some relationships now, both situations could exist and emerge.  

Horoscope for Saturday, Nov. 7th
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Over the weekend, we receive the Moon's positive influences in the sign Leo, which will give us pleasure and love in our leisure activities. However, if you have to work, you will mostly feel this desire and love for what you are doing.  

Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th
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Mercury could induce pessimistic moods today due to Saturn's square position, which will start around 10 o'clock and last the whole day. Today is not the right time for important decisions, as misinterpretations could occur, or there could be a lack of the necessary understanding from the negotiating partner.  

Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 5th
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Today Uranus enters into a positive connection with the Moon, which will put many of us in such a mood that we wish to experience something new and extraordinary. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Nov. 4th
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In the early afternoon, the Moon and Mercury form a pleasant trigonal connection, the reason why we are unusually clear about our feelings. And we should remember that since we now feel good, that is not always the case because other influences often fool us. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Nov. 3rd
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Thanks to their positive connection, the Moon and Venus will provide confidence and serenity today. Who knows about this will also consciously perceive the effects that flow on us and therefore benefit from them much more than someone who walks through life relatively closed or takes such experiences for granted. 

Today ends the retrograde of Mercury
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So all communication disorders will soon come to an end. Have you had difficulties with contracts and agreements in the past three weeks? With appointments or meetings? With the correspondence? 

Horoscope for Sunday, Nov. 1st
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Today, the Moon enters into three excellent connections with Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto, the reason why we will get the best support in the areas of spiritual stimulation and a lot of fantasy, sympathy, and goodwill from fellow humans as well as intense feelings of love. 


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