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The moon in Pisces makes us aware of the finite nature of our earthly existence.

15th December 2018

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Daily horoscope 16th December 2018 | photo: (c) YakobchukOlena - fotolia.com

16th December Horoscope

he moon will enter Aries today and make us more active over the next 2 and a half days.

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Daily horoscope 17th December 2018 | photo: (c) Floydine - fotolia.com

17th December Horoscope

Anyone who has been wanting to finish an important project for a long time will find this the right time to do so.

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daily horoscope 18th December 2018 | photo: (c) Mariana - fotolia.com

18th December Horoscope

The moon in Taurus will make us more conservative, opinionated, and sensual.

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Daily horoscope 19th December 2018 | photo: (c) Kzenon - fotolia.com

19th December Horoscope

The moon will enter into positive relationships with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto today.

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Daily horoscope 20th december 2018 | photo: (c) Kittiphan

20th December Horoscope

The next two and a half days will be a good time to hike and travel, as well as to visit friends and family.

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Daily horoscope 21st December 2018 | photo: (c) byrdyak  - fotolia.com

21st December Horoscope

Today you could enjoy financial success or receive recognition, a promotion, or access to a higher status position.

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Daily horoscope 22nd December 2018 | photo: (c) JenkoAtaman  - fotolia.com

22nd December Horoscope

Many of us will feel an affinity for water or an interest in sea voyages after 5:27 PM today.

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Daily horoscope 23rd December 2018 | photo: (c)  ksfotodesign - fotolia.com

23rd December Horoscope

One day before Christmas, the moon in conjunction with Neptune and Venus will send us plenty of love and affection.

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daily horoscope 24th December 2018 | (c) JenkoAtaman - fotolia.com

24th December Horoscope

After 6 PM the moon will enter Leo. This is great timing, as this is the perfect time for fun, creativity, and enjoyment.

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Daily horoscope 25th December 2018 | photo: (c) Vasyl - fotolia.com

25th December Horoscope

Mercury will enter a tense relationship with Neptune today, so this is a good time to figure out if anything is out of place in our lives.

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Daily horoscope December 26th 2018 | Photo: (c) deagreez -  fotolia.com

26th December Horoscope

A positive connection between the moon and Uranus will impact you throughout the day.

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Daily horoscope 27th December 2018 | photo: (c) CURAphotography  - fotolia.com

27th December Horoscope

The planets will make us aware of our obligations, which might not always be pleasant today.

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