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Leo Horoscope for Friday, December 9 2022 | Photo: © Edwards

You are courageous enough to act at the right moment and to make profits. Don’t overdo it, because pride comes before a fall, and you would ruin all you achieved..

Leo Monthly Horoscope December 2022 | Photo: © Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

With courage, determination and energy, Leo masters December. Sun and Mars are very favourable for Leo and provide a lot of strength and satisfaction!

Leo Weekly Horoscope for the 49th Week (12/05/22 - 12/11/22) | Photo: ©
49. Week

The only mistake you could make is to overload yourself without compensating. You can handle a big workload without any problems, but you should make sure to relax afterwards.

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    The Strong-Willed Leo: Self-Confident, Creative and Heroic!
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    Enthusiastic & Postive
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    People born under a Moon in Leo are warm, kind-hearted, and feel good when ad...