Leo‘s attitude toward jealousy

When Leo’s vanity would not have existed…
Leo‘s attitude toward jealousy | photo: © Andreas Hilger - Fotolia.com

Leo brightens his nature with an impressive collection of positive characteristics, but even sometimes his vanity might foil.

Anyone familiar with Leo knows that they are confident in their nature, sovereign and independent. He is creative, generous and full of life. His appearance is honest, optimistic and generous, honest, kind-hearted and sincere. He is dignified and has a strong nature. Even ambitious and patronizing he reveals furthermore his sense for justice. It is in the nature of things – as one feature it is to be characterized sensuality remaining as a word and a lesson you may know well what it emphasizes.

These features promise a lot of possibilities, of course. It represents Leo quite fine, but on the other hand it might correspond with the point of view by Leo himself. He would love this list of his characteristics, because he feels actually great and all that. All the enumerated features show many like many words do as well positive chapters. But what about his negative side – do you want to learn?


Modesty is not his favoured property. It shows the manner of expression what do you admit to Leo. Negative attributes seem to stay only for a short time in the life of Leo – that is equally a personal feature of Leo. Leo shows often the fascinating ability to regain soon confidence – that is really a great feature, which implies strength regarding interaction with persons. He is a family man, looking for his family - even it is not his genetic family register. Speaking without exaggeration Leo could realize with stamina what he intends to get. Similar to Aries he is quite one of the reliable ones.  

Endurance and taking a deep breath Leo would take a content look in the mirror - vanity is his. Vanity adheres to him – a blessing and a curse.  Vanity represents conspicuous weakness and considering this aspect - it could be easily given a response experience more about Leo and relationship in general: Thus Leo’s aegis is the sun and now he could reflect all his brightness.

Depending on Leo's mind the sun’s vehement influence constitutes the origin of Leo’s vanity. A delighted heart as one of the child could give warmth and trust. This significant attitude toward life makes Leo one of the kings of the world – as he suppose and behaves.


Glowing seems to be the major feature - regarded in toto. Learning – is another subject in Leo’s life. Aspects of learning nourish his interest and curiosity towards the world on the whole. Learning represents eagerness to succeed - and this is why and what makes him a ruler throughout all the land. His positon means always a lot to him. Average could be – but maybe he could achieve more. The limit is his personal ambition – knowing his talent very well. What he sees is to conceal his personal limits – if he can or even not having the talent. Giving away his pride is inconceivable. If he comes to know he changes his attitude and turn to another topic – something unusual and less verified at all.

After all you might have experienced more about the pattern of Leo’s behaviour and appearance in public and in secret as well. Leo may be king at court – therefore he acts polite and tries to make most of all good policy. He likes to be admired - he is fond of being king. Each stage prepares the opportunity to glances by the audience full of expectation. If you have the ambitious to deal with his HM you might have some fun – perfectly executed you would achieve the benevolence of the audience, the court and the king himself, too.


Jealousy presents not his major topic. But taken for serious you should respect his individuality and close personal zone – indispensable conditions must be respected without breaking the rules. By the way for Leo it makes little sense – he is confident and he has no need being annoyed. Cheating him might be an impossible thing but if it would have happened – leave. Surprisingly he would blame the rival – but it should be certain and logical. Maybe doing your best to make him understand what may be important to your life and conception. In public he gives the part of a ruler of all members of his court – but finally he must experience he can be blamed for his deeds or his confrontation with reality. Neglecting him and his attitudes toward life is an offence.

Leo’s lesson he has to learn. Worse defeat could be the reason for dire consequences in public:  characterizing a betrayal. For Leo his honour must be defended exceedingly glorious - for that he cannot be blamed!

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