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All Moon and Planet Constellations / Aspects and Transits for Thursday, July 12, 1951


The young Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai (1997) has her birthday today. Her life has a remarkable biography. At age eleven, she fought against the Pakistani Taliban under a pseudonym by reporting in a blog about the Taliban's deeds against the school system and the education of girls. In 2012, an attack on her almost cost her life. But Yousafzai continued to fight. in 2014, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other birthdays: Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1882)


Saint's day

  • John
  • Felix
Thursday, July 12, 1951

Sun July 1951

Birthday: Cancer

Chinese zodiac sign:
兔 Metal Rabbit

26,534 days ago (72 years, 7 months, 21 days)

Daily aspects

Moon → Scorpio


The Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio (
waxing gibbous


Daily aspects

Moon → Scorpio | Photo: © ZoomTeam -
Moon → Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon gives us intense energy . Passion, sensuality, impulsiveness , but also dispute and vindictiveness determine these days. We want to experience something new, but it is also easier to deal with severe changes.


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The Sun on Jul 12, 1951

Darkest moment
It is the darkest moment of the night. Sun is in the lowest position.
Night ends
The morning astronomical twilight starts.
Nautical Dawn
The morning nautical twilight starts.
Morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts.
Top edge of the sun appears on the horizon
Sunrise ends
Bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Morning golden hour ends
Soft light - the best time for photography.
Solar noon
The sun is in the highest position.
Evening golden hour starts
Sunset starts
The bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Sun disappears below the horizon, evening civil twilight starts.
Evening nautical twilight starts.
Nautical dusk
Evening astronomical twilight starts.
It is dark enough for astronomical observations.

The times were calculated for 38° 53' N, -77° 02' W, Timezone: America/Chicago (UTC -6)

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