Mar 14, 2006 - Astrology Calendar

All Moon and Planet Constellations / Aspects and Transits for March 14, 2006
Mar 14, 2006 - Astrology Calendar
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Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist and one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. He was born into a Jewish family in Ulm on 14 March 1879. As a child, he was very interested in mathematics and physics and developed a talent for abstract thinking.

After studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Einstein worked as a patent examiner in Bern, where he published four groundbreaking scientific papers in 1905, now known as the "annus mirabilis" (year of miracles). In these papers he formulated special relativity, quantum theory and Brownian motion, laying the foundations for modern physics.

In 1915, Einstein published his general theory of relativity, which described gravity as a curvature of space-time. This theory was one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, influencing not only physics but also other fields such as philosophy and literature.

Einstein was a committed pacifist who spoke out publicly against the First World War and later against the development of the atomic bomb. In 1933 he had to leave Germany because he was Jewish and the Nazis had come to power. He emigrated to the USA and later worked at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, where he lived until his death in 1955.
Albert Einstein received many awards and honours for his work, including the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect. He died on 18 April 1955, aged 76.

Michael Caine
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Michael Caine

Michael Caine was born on 14 March 1933 in Rotherhithe, London, England. He is a British actor known for his roles in films such as "Alfie" (1966), "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "The Italian Job" (1969).

His career began in the 1960s with appearances in British films such as Zulu and The Ipcress File. In the 1970s he appeared in films such as "Get Carter" and "Sleuth" and became one of the leading actors of his time.

In the 1980s he starred in films such as "Hannah and Her Sisters " and "Educating Rita ". He won an Oscar for best supporting actor in Hannah and Her Sisters and another for best supporting actor in God's Work and the Devil's Contribution. In the 1990s he starred in films such as "The Cider House Rules" and "Little Voice" and was nominated for more Oscars.

He has also appeared in films such as 'Interstellar' and 'Tenet' and is one of the best-known and most sought-after actors of his generation.

Other birthdays

  • Tad Williams (14 March 1957), American writer,
  • Quincy Jones (14 March 1933), American music producer and composer,
  • Diane Arbus (14 March 1923 - 26 July 1971), American photographer,
  • Billy Crystal (14 March 1948), American actor and comedian,
  • Wolfgang Petersen (* 14 March 1941), German film director, screenwriter and film producer.

Saint's day

  • Mathilde ("Fight", "Power")
  • Enno ("He who fights with the sword")
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sun March 2006

Birthday: Pisces

Chinese zodiac sign:
狗 Fire Dog

6,678 days ago (18 years, 3 months, 11 days)


Waxing Gibbous


Daily aspects

Moon (Virgo) ⚹ Jupiter (Scorpio)  | Photo: © Wirestock -
Moon (Virgo) ⚹extile Jupiter (Scorpio)

This is a wonderful time to get together with family and share, and remember, joyous memories. Business opportunities are abound, and good money can be made. It's a wonderful time to decorate your home, or look at buying a beach house, or something close to the ocean. It's a good time for romance. International travel can occur, and plans should go smoothly! You may want to adopt a pet to snuggle up close to.

Moon (Virgo) Opposition Mercury (Pisces)  | Photo: © EkaterinaJurkova -
Moon (Virgo) Opposition Mercury (Pisces)

Good spiritual gifts are available during this time, but you could misuse them. There may be disillusion when it comes to the truth and the way you think. You could be volatile, act superficially, or act too hastily.

Mercury (Pisces) Trine Jupiter (Scorpio)  | Photo: © jenny_key -
Mercury (Pisces) Trine Jupiter (Scorpio)

This is an excellent time to apply to universities, apply extra effort when studying for exams, as well as traveling to foreign lands and exploring different cultures. Business affairs go well, and you can even ask for a promotion! You may even get good news that your children have been accepted into schools you have sent applications to. It's also a great time to take up another language as a hobby.


Full Moon (Virgo) | Photo: © miiko -
Full Moon (Virgo)

It's easy to get irritated and moody. Family disputes can occur every day. You will experience difficulty in finding peace. You will feel confused, as you will not fully be able to think with your head, or feel with your heart. Choosing clothes to wear for the day may be difficult, as you may find it hard deciding on whether you want to wear a more feminine or masculine look. 

Moon (Virgo) Square Pluto (Sagittarius)  | Photo: ©
Moon (Virgo) Square Pluto (Sagittarius)

This transit can cause you to feel emotionally violent and aggressive. You may want to lash out, especially if you are female, to anyone who oppresses you, from your husband to your boss. There may be disagreements over joint finances, inheritances, alimony and taxes. If your pet shows any signs of illness, it's best to take it to the vet. 

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The Sun on Mar 14, 2006

Darkest moment
It is the darkest moment of the night. Sun is in the lowest position.
Night ends
The morning astronomical twilight starts.
Nautical Dawn
The morning nautical twilight starts.
Morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts.
Top edge of the sun appears on the horizon
Sunrise ends
Bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Morning golden hour ends
Soft light - the best time for photography.
Solar noon
The sun is in the highest position.
Evening golden hour starts
Sunset starts
The bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Sun disappears below the horizon, evening civil twilight starts.
Evening nautical twilight starts.
Nautical dusk
Evening astronomical twilight starts.
It is dark enough for astronomical observations.

The times were calculated for 38° 33' N, -91° 00' W, Timezone: America/Chicago (UTC -5)

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