Saturn Dives Into Pisces and Questions Beliefs and Feelings

This is how Saturn in Pisces affects all signs of the zodiac
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Saturn has arrived in Pisces
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Saturn is one of the most important planets in astrology. On 7 March 2023 , it moves into the  astrological sign of Pisces and remains there until 25 May 2025 , during which time it encourages us to focus on our inner voice and feelings and to give our lives a firm structure and discipline.

The Meaning of Saturn in Astrology


Saturn symbolizes responsibilitydisciplinestructure,  and limitation . Astrologers often refer to it as a "teacher " or "tutor " as it teaches us through challenges and obstacles and encourages us to work hard and pursue our goals and plans.

Saturn's position in our chart can show us where we will encounter challenges and obstacles and where we need to work hard to achieve our goals. It usually takes about 30 years for Saturn to pass through all twelve zodiac signs. In Aquarius, where he has just been, he will not be again until 2050.

How Saturn in Pisces Influences Our Lives

Saturn in Pisces can cause us to face our emotional boundaries and our subconscious. We may need to examine  our spiritual beliefs  and deal with our creativity and intuition . Saturn can help us focus on our inner voice and accept and understand our feelings.

How Does Saturn Affect the Signs of the Zodiac?

Saturn in Pisces  is currently most challenging for  Pisces itself,  VirgosSagittarius, and  Gemini. It now demands a lot of commitment, discipline, and perseverance in all areas of life to achieve stable conditions in the future.


Aries, and  Aquarians, as well as  Leo and  Libra, are less challenged  now.

Cancers, and  Scorpios, as well as  Taurus and  Capricorn, are most supported by Saturn through positive angles .

Where is Saturn in My Natal Chart?

You can find out for yourself where Saturn stood at your birth. Either use our  Ascendant Calculator, which also shows the position of Saturn. Or you can look at our  Saturn table. Keep in mind that your "Saturn Return" occurs around every 30 years and important and highly significant changes and events occur at this time that can often change the trajectory of your life. 

How to Use the Energy of Saturn

Some tips can help you use the energy of Saturn in Pisces in a positive way:

  • Focus on your inner voice and feelings: Think about your feelings and beliefs.
  • Create a solid structure: Saturn is the planet of structure and discipline.
  • Learn from challenges: Saturn can present challenges that make us grow and learn. Use these challenges as opportunities to become stronger and wiser.
  • Reconsider your spiritual beliefs: Saturn in Pisces can make us focus on our spiritual side.
  • Show backbone: Saturn in Pisces can weaken our self-confidence and cause anxiety. So, show backbone and strengthen your authority to face these challenges.

Saturn's Influence on the World


The wisdom of "never give up" should always be remembered now. This applies the principle to all signs because, over time, we are all addressed by Saturn, who teaches us, for example, that less can be more. Or he draws our attention to the fact that now is hardly the time for expansion but the time for learning and preparing for new projects, whereby the results of work can then be used all the more effectively after this Saturn learning time. Discipline and perseverance are, therefore, suitable countermeasures against Saturn now.

Since the sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the areas of spirituality, religion, faith, charity, forgiveness, selflessness, divine love, and, last but not least, peace are also affected . However, this does not only affect us as individuals but the whole world. So Saturn, who is strict, makes us aware of how we hold it with neighborly love and the politicians of all countries because those who live friendly love do not kill people!

Saturn, who teaches us frugality, is now drawing the attention of the whole world very clearly to the fact that wars are wholly impossible, and the tremendous waste caused by the war economy is absolutely out of the question! He hopes his message will be heard by those responsible, for it is a clear warning from him.

And as for us as individuals, we should not lose the virtues of faith, love, and hope, especially now, because they are vital!


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