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Aquarius Sun Aries Rising – The Independent Warrior

The Independent Warrior
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Aquarius Sund Aries Rising
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Aquarius Sun Aries Rising – The Independent Warrior

Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) and Mars (the ruler of Aries) meet in this combination. In Greek mythology, Uranus is Ouranos, the great sky father, father to all the Titans and gods. Mars is Ares, the great god of war who loved combat more than anything.
Aquarius and Aries naturally flow well together. Aquarius is a masculine, Fixed, Air sign, while Aries is a masculine, Cardinal, Fire sign. Air and Fire naturally work well together, and Aquarius and Aries make a ⚹extile aspect to one another.


How to Recognize Aquarius Sun Aries Rising

The Aquarian with an Aries Ascendant is more daring and confrontational than other Aquarians. They can be daredevils who like to take risks! Although Aquarian, they are not necessarily too tall, and have a charm about them.

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising
Photo: © midjourney

They are usually athletic and in good shape and like to wear comfortable clothes. You will see them in jeans, flowing tops, and T-shirts. They smile a lot and have a lot of personality. Their colors are all different shades of red and purple.

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising Career

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising people have Virgo ruling their 6th house of everyday work and Capricorn ruling their 10th house of career. Therefore, they are extremely ambitious, methodical, and perfectionists in their crafts.

These people may enter the world of sports or make online sports games. They may create exciting startups and could even work in wildlife. Taurus rules their 2nd house of money, so they could also be singers or real estate agents.


These people do well in business, but need to be in charge, and as independent as possible. Remote work suits them well!

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising Health

Virgo rules the 6th house of health for these people, so they are extremely concerned with staying fit and healthy. An Aquarius Sun Aries Ascendant has no problem waking up every morning at 5 am to hit the gym, push themselves so they sweat, and lift weights.

They love challenges and competition and want to excel in sports and do better than others. These people also build muscle quicker than others.

Team sports are also encouraged, where they can show off their athletic skills. Track sports suit them well, where they can show off their speed. It is important that they watch their digestion and not eat too much junk food and sugar, as it can hurt their stomachs. 

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising Love

Libra rules the 7th house of an Aquarius Sun Aries Ascendant; therefore, they are exceptionally flirtatious! They also want a big wedding, a loving marriage and all that goes with it – however, they aren’t the type to get married too young.


They will constantly have boyfriends and girlfriends throughout life, and will be able to attract others with their infectious personalities easily! All the other Air and Fire signs fit them perfectly, especially Librans where there will be sizzling attraction.

Geminis, Aquarians, Leos, Sagittarians and Aries all fare well. Pisceans and Capricorns make good friends, however, there won’t be too much in common with Scorpios, Cancerians, Taureans and Virgos.

How Aquarius Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the start of the day, so as an Aries Rising, this person should wake up drinking a nice glass of water after saying a gratitude prayer and meditation. They should then hit the gym for a workout to release those feel-good endorphins.

Aquarius Sun Aries Rinsing
Photo: © midjourney

Afterwards they should shower, eat a healthy breakfast, preferably with a bit of spice added and enjoy an espresso! However, they should not overdo the coffee. They should then put on their headphones and listen to upbeat music on their way to work to put them in a fantastic mood!

Famous Aquarius Sun Aries Rising People

Well-known figures who are Aquarians with Aries Ascendants include Grammy Award-Winning Latin pop Queen Shakira, the late American film actor James Dean, American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hilarious comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer, and director Chris Rock, and Mexican American boxer Oscar de la Hoya.  


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