Aquarius Sun Leo Rising – The Egotistical Humanitarian

The Egotistical Humanitarian
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Aquarius Sun Leo Rising
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Aquarius Sun Leo Rising – The Egotistical Humanitarian

Here lies an interesting combination. Uranus, ruling Aquarius, meets the Sun, ruling Leo. In Greek mythology, Uranus is Ouranos, the great father god of the sky, and the Sun is Apollo, the beloved god of music, poetry, art, and the Sun.


It is very important to note that Aquarius and Leo are complete opposites on the Zodiac wheel. Aquarius is all about humanitarian efforts and others, while Leo is all about the ego and self. Therefore, this Aquarian often has conflicts of thoughts and feelings.

An Aquarius Sun Leo Rising will often give to charity – provided the whole world knows it was them doing so. They are the type to record their charitable and humanitarian acts and upload them to social media platforms.

Aquarius is a masculine, Fixed, Air sign and Leo is a masculine, Fixed, Fire sign, so they have much in common, however as mentioned many times over, they oppose one another.

How to Recognize Aquarius Sun Leo Rising

An Aquarius Sun Leo Ascendant has a lot of style. They’ll wear blues, purples, and different hues of red. They like to be seen and always shine when they walk into a room. They also have a lot of regality to their aura. They are proud people who walk with their heads held high. They often have magnificent manes of hair.

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising Career

Capricorn rules the 6th house of everyday work for this Aquarian, and Taurus rules the 10th house of career. Therefore, this person is very ambitious, works hard, and easily attracts money. They suit careers involving large enterprises and finance.

They also make great singers and do well as estate agents. They do fabulously well in the entertainment industry and make great models and social media influencers.

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising Health

An Aquarius Sun Leo Rising has Capricorn ruling their 6th house of health. Therefore, this Aquarian must take magnesium and calcium for their bones, and make sure to visit the dentist often for a cleaning.

Aerobics is good for them, but they need to keep track of their heart health and eat heart-healthy food. They also need to watch their circulation. Constant exercise and drinking water is important.

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising Love

This Aquarian loves love, and gets along with Air and Fire signs best. They get along best with other Aquarians and Leos, as well as Geminis, Libras, Aries and Sagittarians. Aquarius actually rules their 7th house of love, marriage and relationships, so they appreciate a partner that stimulates them mentally, gets along well with all their friends, is popular, fun to be with, and not clingy.


Capricorn, Pisces, Cancerians and Virgos make good friends. There could be a lot of tension with Fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus.

How Aquarius Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Risings signs dictate the start of the day, so as a Leo Rising, this Aquarian should wake up in a room adorned with beauty and with much sunshine pouring through the windows. They should offer a prayer of gratitude, drink a glass of water, and step outside to let the sun shine on them for a few minutes.

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising
Photo: © midjourney

They should then play with their pets, which could possibly be cats, and get a workout in. After their shower, they should eat a light and healthy breakfast, drink some tea or coffee, put some music on to put them in a good mood, and start their work day.

Famous Aquarius Sun Leo Rising People

Well-known Aquarius Sun Leo Risings includes 10 Grammy Awards winner Justin Timberlake, Grammy Award nominee Robbie Williams, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, the late and lovely Lisa Marie Presley, musician Peter Gabriel, American actress Heather Graham, actress Vanessa Redgrave, and the late actor Rutger Hauer. 


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