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Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising – The Jovial Humanitarian

The Jovial Humanitarian
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Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising – The Jovial Humanitarian

In this combination, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) meet. In Greek mythology, Uranus is Ouranos. Ouranos was the great father god of the sky; Jupiter is Zeus, son of Titan Cronus and grandson of Ouranos, he was the greatest and most powerful god of all.


Jupiter is associated with luck and jovialness. Thank goodness for this Sagittarius Ascendant, as it lightens this Aquarian’s attitude. Aquarius is a masculine, Fixed, Air sign, while Sagittarius is a masculine, Mutable, Fire sign. They naturally ⚹extile one another and are both extroverted personalities who feed off others’ (positive) energy.   

How to Recognize Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising

Female Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Ascendants are often quite tall, averaging between 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 8, and the men often reach around 6 foot 2. They often have light eyes and light hair, though some will have rich, dark eyes and hair, and many have curvy hips.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Sign
Photo: © midjourney

They’re really good with people and will always smile and be friendly, even if they feel emotionally detached toward others. They enjoy wearing stylish and beautiful clothes and often have quirky taste in clothes that reflect their eccentric and lovable personalities, but they always look good.

You’ll see them wear a whole range of different colors, including different shades of purple, blue and pink. They play a lot with their hair, often coloring it in different shades and wearing different weaves and wigs, so they can look beautiful and different when they feel like it.  


Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

Taurus rules the 6th house of everyday work for Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Ascendants, and Virgo rules the 10th house of career. Therefore, these Aquarians are exceptionally self-sufficient, and often measure their worth by their career success. They have the capability of amounting an enormous fortune and are exceptionally hard-working.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Ascendants do well in the media and publishing world, as well as outdoor adventure careers. They make great writers and can even be stand-up comedians. The culinary world also beckons them as they can become famous chefs or food critics. They may also work in health, nutrition or the medical field, or even work with domestic or wild animals.

The IT world is also good for them, as long as they have a position where they are able to do different tasks daily. They may even find themselves as CFOs of startups. These Aquarians can become Instagram and TikTok stars just being themselves and promoting anything from exercise to food!


They also make amazing teachers, professors, philosophers, spiritual leaders and CEOs of non-profits. These Aquarians may also enjoy working as pilots or stewards/stewardesses.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

Since Taurus rules this Aquarius’ health, they need to really watch what they eat, as they could suffer with eating disorders from emotional and comfort overeating to bulimia. It’s important for them to consult with nutritionists who can put them on a good path to eating well.

They must exercise, especially around the hips and buttocks area as they can attract weight easily there. They may suffer from throat infections from time to time and need to make sure they’re always dressed warmly when stepping out on chilly days.

They must always warm up and cool down their ankles and shins before working out and drink lots of water. They may sometimes suffer from pins and needles as their circulation gets affected. It’s a good idea for these Aquarians to hire a personal trainer to help them work out and feel excited about it.


Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

Of course, when it comes to love, the Air and Fire signs melt this Aquarian’s heart best. Gemini makes the perfect match, as it rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage. There are instant sparks when these two meet, not just physically but mentally as well, and that’s why they work out so well. Gemini is Sagittarius’ opposite and challenges this Aquarian in the best of ways.

Other Aquarians and Sagittarians work out perfectly here, as do Aries, Leos, and Librans. However, a big “no-no” are Cancerians who are way too clingy for this Aquarian. Cancerians will only work if they have many major planets and/or their Ascendant in Fire and Air signs.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Pisces, Scorpios and Capricorns make good friends. There won’t be seeing much eye-to-eye, romantically speaking, with Taureans and Virgos, although they make great business partners.

How Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the start of the day, so as a Sagittarius Ascendant, this Aquarian needs to wake up in a good mood. The alarm should have a peaceful and fun tune to it, and they should offer a gratitude prayer.


Afterward, they should spend some time with their pets, go outside for a 30-minute walk or run in the warm sun, have a hot shower and indulge in a delicious and healthy breakfast or creamy smoothie. They should then get dressed in clothes that make them feel inspired for the day and go to work while listening to their favorite music in the car to put them in an excellent mood. 

Famous Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising People

Well-known Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Ascendants include famous reality TV star, model, professional DJ, and socialite Paris Hilton, the amazing actress, TV personality, humanitarian, and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey, the late “King” of reggae music Bob Marley, Brazilian professional footballer Neymar, as well as actress and niece of Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts.

Other famous Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Ascendants also include the late actor and U.S. president Ronald Reagan, actress Portia de Rossi, R&B star and ex-member of R&B girl group “Destiny’s Child,” Kelly Rowland, famous English naturalist Charles Darwin, the late “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” writer Lewis Carroll, ex-“Spice Girl” Emma Bunton, A.K.A. “Baby Spice,” Canadian musician Sarah McLachlan, actress Bridget Fonda, Ferrari car creator Enzo Ferrari, funny-man and actor Arsenio Hall and Academy-Award nominee Minnie Driver. 


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