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Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising – Truly Unique

Truly Unique
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Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising – Truly Unique
Photo: © midjourney

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising – Truly Unique

In this combination, Uranus and Neptune meet. In Greek mythology, Uranus is Ouranos, the ultimate father sky god, and Neptune is Poseidon, powerful god of the ocean. These are two powerful figures in Greek mythology and Astrology.


Pisces and Aquarius lie next to each other on the Zodiac wheel and learn from one another. The big difference is that Aquarius is more of a left-brained logical Zodiac sign that first thinks with their head, while Pisces is more right-brained, creative and wears their heart on a sleeve.

Pisces is a feminine, Mutable, Water sign, while Aquarius is a masculine, Fixed, Air sign and together they can be best of friends who learn from one another.

How to Recognize Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising

Pisces Sun Aquarius Ascendants can be very tall and lanky. However, since their 6th house of health is ruled by Cancer, they can tend to find that food comforts them most and can put on a lot of weight. They enjoy dressing in clothes that make them feel comfortable and don’t really wear skin tight clothes – unless on the beach!

They often wear their hair long, both the females and males of this group, and you’ll see them wearing many accessories like gemstone rings. Pisces Sun Aquarius Ascendants often enjoy wearing blues, lavender, and black, and many will have an oval face with large eyes.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising Career

Cancer rules the 6th house of everyday work and Scorpio rules the 8th house of career of Pisces Sun Aquarius Risings. Therefore, this Pisces would do tremendously well in any sort of humanitarian and charitable work.

They make great social workers, and do well in medical work, such as a career in nursing, psychology or psychiatry. They create a lot of change and transformation in the world and can also do very well as food and chemical engineers.  

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising Health

Cancer rules their 6th house of health, making this Pisces adore water sports of any kind. The females of this group need to make sure to go for regular mammograms at the correct age and can have a large bust, and the males of this group often have broad chests.

It’s important that these Pisces always wear comfortable shoes, especially when working out, and they may suffer from poor circulation from time to time. They may experience much moodiness and this can be soothed with correct eating, exercise and the consumption of a lot of chamomile tea. It’s important they avoid too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol and recreational substances.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising Love

Leo rules the 7th house of love, relationships and marriage for Pisces Sun Aquarius Ascendants. Since they are so altruistic and think of others all the time, they need a partner who helps them become more self-interested and start to put themselves first. That’s why Leos make a fabulous match.

Aries works well, as do Sagittarians. Geminis and Librans are great and Capricorns make good friends. There’s a lot of attraction with Taureans and Scorpios, though there may be unpleasant friction too. Virgos can work, but there can be problems with Cancerians as they can be far too needy, clingy and emotional at times.

How Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aquarius Rising, this Pisces will enjoy waking up with many electrical devices next to them – their cellphone, iPad and MacBook close by.

They’ll enjoy starting off the day with a gratitude prayer, checking their cellphones for messages and looking at their social media, and then having a nice cup of espresso and hitting the gym. They should then have a hot shower, followed by a light and healthy breakfast full of good carbs and get to work in a good mood.     

Famous Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising People

The list of famous Pisces Sun Aquarius Ascendants includes the brother of Kim Kardashian, TV personality Rob Kardashian, and the late, very famous songstress Nina Simone. “Take me to Church” singer Hozier is also a Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising, as well as the late Impressionist artist Auguste Renoir, and the late “Bee Gees” singer Andy Gibb.



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