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Pisces Sun Cancer Rising – Extremely Independent

Extremely Independent
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Pisces Sun Cancer Rising
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Pisces Sun Cancer Rising

In this combination, Neptune and the Moon meet. This is a beautiful pairing, as Neptune is the ocean and the Moon, and its gravitational pull has an enormous effect on the tides. In Greek mythology, Neptune is Poseidon, the god of the ocean, while the Moon is Artemis, the wild goddess of the Moon and the hunt.


Pisces and Cancer naturally Trine each other as they are both part of the Water element. The difference is that Pisces is part of the Mutable modality, while Cancer is part of the Cardinal modality.

This is good as Pisces is an “escape artist,” and Cancer, being a Cardinal sign, pushes Pisces out of their escapism and says, “move your butt Pisces, you need to get things done!” These two are a beautiful combination and a Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendant is a lucky Pisces indeed!

How to Recognize Pisces Sun Cancer Rising

A Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendant can be voluptuous. The females will most likely have really large breasts and they can easily put weight on their bellies and hips too. This includes the men, too, as they are prone to weight gain. They love food, cooking, and eating at restaurants so much, that it’s hard for them to say no to their third helping of butter-laden mashed potatoes or chocolate soufflé.

Pisces Sun Cancer Risings love to wear clothes that are comfortable, and you’ll see them in lots of blues, it’s their favorite color. It’s very hard for them to wear the color red. When they look at you, it’s as if they’re staring straight into your soul, as they’re so psychic and intuitive and can read your mind.


They usually have long flowing, wavy hair, almond shaped eyes and a pointed chin. These people walk around with smiles on their faces. They can also be quite tall, though not extremely tall.

Pisces Sun Cancer Rising Career

Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendants are extremely independent, competitive and driven in their career, mainly due to the fact that their tenth house of career and MCs are usually Aries. They like to work on their own, start their own companies and be the leader.

Sagittarius rules their 6th house everyday work and Aries rules their 10th house of career. Therefore Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendants make amazing writers, scholars, teachers, professors, religious leaders, publishers, authors, travel agents, pilots, and veterinarians of both domestic and wild animals.

Pisces Sun Cancer Rising
Photo: © midjourney

These Pisces with Cancer Ascendants also make amazing world class chefs and caterers and they are the A-type of people to promote themselves on Instagram and TikTok to become influencers. They also make amazing models, artists, dancers, personal trainers and inventors, as well as Tarot card readers, psychics, Astrologers, and Numerologists.


Pisces Sun Cancer Rising Health

As mentioned before, Pisces Sun Cancer Risings love to indulge and can put on weight easily. Therefore, an exercise routine is very important. Swimming, dancing, meditation, Pilates, walking, and even making love are wonderful ways to keep fit and keep the extra weight off.

However, they need to watch out for falling into addictive patterns, as it is so easy for them. Smoking, the use of recreational drugs, alcoholism, promiscuity, overeating, and going out too many nights to party are all a form of escapism for these Pisces when things feel too “heavy” in their lives.


Sagittarius rules their 6th house of health, and this can lead to bipolar disorder as you have the moodiness of Cancer Rising, mixed with Pisces escapism, and no boundaries with Sagittarius. Mental health is the most important thing to focus on here, and they always need to be aware of this. They may suffer with depression, and really need to try keep their thoughts as positive as possible!


Stimulants of all kinds affect them greatly, and even coffee can keep them too excitable with hands shaking the whole day and is better avoided. They also need to avoid too much sugar.

Pisces Sun Cancer Rising Love

One thing is obvious here – and it’s the fact that Water and Earth signs “get” and “understand” Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendants best! Capricorn rules the 7th house of this Pisces, so they ideally want a partner who is structured, financially stable, ambitious, authoritative, and carries a certain “power” about themselves.

They also want someone quite dominant (in a healthy way), especially in the bedroom! They are so in charge of their lives, that they want a partner who can let them relax and can take charge. Therefore, Capricorns work well, provided they are not too serious and emotionally cold (as many Capricorns can be).

Cancer is also a stunning match. They are just so sensitive and understanding of Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendant’s needs. This is a relationship that can really go the distance and is highly recommended. Scorpio makes an electric match, where there is so much electricity and heated spark – these two just can’t keep each other’s hands, or thoughts, off each other.


Taurus works very well here, as both Cancer Rising and Taurus are naturally very domestic. In fact, they are perfect for marriage and children. Virgo can work, however there will be many differences of opinion and a lot of work to get through between them.

Aries and Aquarius make for good friends. It’s important to note that Aquarius is too emotionally detached to work out for a Pisces Sun Cancer Rising, although they may attract them a lot. Leos are really dominant here and can hurt this Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendant’s feelings very much. Sagittarius is really fun and adventurous but way too independent to get too serious in this relationship.

Libra makes a good friend and fun times, but nothing too serious, and Gemini makes an absolutely fantastically fun and intimate partner. With a Pisces Sun Cancer Rising there will be a lot to talk about with Geminis, however, emotionally, they may not stay the distance.

How Pisces Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces Sun Cancer Rising, this person should wake up in complete silence, preferably with their pets on their bed (and their partner next to them, if they have one), sip on room temperature water, and offer a gratitude prayer.


They should then sit in silence, light some candles and flush out their system with some green tea and a slice of lemon. Afterward, they should hit the gym (even if they don’t want to) and do some laps in the pool and weight resistance classes. Yoga and Pilates classes will also bring enjoyment, as will aqua aerobics.

They should then return home, take off their shoes and ground their feet on the grass and breathe in nature, with the sun shining on them. They’ll enjoy a hot shower followed by a very big and healthy breakfast and off to work in a good mood.

Famous Pisces Sun Cancer Rising People

The list of famous Pisces Sun Cancer Ascendants includes brilliant Nobel Prize-winning German-born physicist Albert Einstein, gorgeous supermodel Cindy Crawford, French model and actress Juliette Binoche, actor Kurt Russell, the first James Bond girl Ursula Andres, and the late American songstress Karen Carpenter.

Actress, model and the first African-American Miss America, Vanessa L. Williams is also a Pisces Sun Cancer Rising, as is the late American actor and comedian, film producer, and writer Jerry Lewis, as well as the late ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who is considered one of the greatest ballet dancers of all time.


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