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Pisces Sun Virgo Rising – When Brilliance Occurs

When Brilliance Occurs
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Pisces Sun Virgo Rising
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Pisces Sun Virgo Rising – When Brilliance Occurs

This is a very interesting combination indeed! Often, when Pisces and Virgo meet, brilliance explodes! Virgo is Pisces’ opposite on the Zodiac wheel. It is all about perfection, hard work, health, routine, order, and cleanliness. Pisces is all about the expanse, no boundaries, mess, disorder, illusion, and escapism.


Pisces and Virgo are both feminine Mutable signs. However, Pisces is a Water sign and Virgo is an Earth sign. Both signs are shy, introverted, and like keeping to themselves.

How to Recognize Pisces Sun Virgo Rising

Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendants hide in corners. That’s where they’ll be “seen” at most clubs, bars and parties. They can be quite tall; many have light brown hair with brown eyes, black hair with dark brown eyes, or blonde hair with blue eyes.

They are very conscious about their appearance and will always look neat. Blues, browns, and earth tones are their favorite colors to wear, and they often have serious expressions on their face, as they are always deep in thought.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Career

Perfection and hard work are the name of the game here. It is by no coincidence that the late Apple co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was a Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendant. Aquarius rules their 6th house of everyday work, and Gemini rules their 10th house of career.


Therefore, this Pisces is constantly elevating their performance at work daily and may be involved in the IT industry. With Leo ruling their 2nd house of money, they may even fall into a singing or acting career.

These Pisces can affect the world globally and can become fantastic inventors, composers, engineers, dancers, teachers, writers, fashion designers, mechanical engineers, marketers, content writers, veterinarians, social media managers, and influencers. 

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Health

Aquarius rules their 6th house of health, meaning they may have issues with their shins, ankles, and circulation. Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendants often have a lot of nervous anxiety that they need to channel through hard work and exercise.

They may experience stomach and digestion problems from time to time, and it’s best to follow a healthy diet without too much caffeine, sugar, soda, alcohol, and high GI carbohydrates. These Pisces need to make sure to avoid recreational substances that play with the mind.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Swimming, weight training, boxing, tai chi, yoga, pilates, cycling and aerobics are all good for them.    

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Love

Pisces rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage. Therefore, a Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendant wants a partner that helps them relax after a hard day’s work and “fall” into fantasy land. They need a romantic and loving partner that loves them unconditionally. So, Pisces makes a wonderful match.

All the Water and Earth signs suit them best – Scorpios, Cancers, Virgos, Taureans and Capricorns. Aquarians make good friends, but there may be problems with Aries and their impulsive ways. Sagittarians can work at times but are not always ideal due to their wild spirit of adventure that constantly must be expressed.

Leos may be a bit ferocious for them, and there may be things in common with Geminis and a good friendship can occur with Librans.

How Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo Rising, this Pisces needs a quiet room to wake up in, preferably with their cats or dogs on top of them. They should then offer a gratitude prayer and quietly do yoga outside around nature.


Afterward, they should shower and have a healthy breakfast full of good protein with a cup of green tea and a glass of water. They need to relax and calm their mind and think positively before starting their work day.

Famous Pisces Sun Virgo Rising People

The list of famous Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendants includes the late, brilliant CEO and co-founder of the Apple company Steve Jobs, the late frontman of American grunge and alternative rock band Nirvana and Grammy Award winner Kurt Cobain, actress Sharon Stone, actor Bruce Willis, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, famous Romantic Period polish piano player, Frédéric Chopin, and Netflix’s Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown,

The late famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, comedian and actress Chelsea Handler, American singer, guitarist and frontman of the alternative rock group “The Smashing Pumpkins,” Billy Corgan, and the late Venetian Baroque music composer and violinist, Antonio Vivaldi are also famous Pisces Sun Virgo Ascendants.

Included in this list are also the Maratha empire in Western India founder Shivaji Bhosle, founder of the Rothschild family banking dynasty, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, six-time Grammy Award winner James Taylor, hip-hop star Rozonda Thomas, also known as Chilli from R&B group, TLC, “The Goonies” and “Lord of the Rings” actor Sean Astin, newspaper heiress and occasional actress Patti Hearst, German Diesel engine inventor Rudolf Diesel, and “The Celestine Prophecy” author James Redfield.        



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