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Saturn 2024 in Pisces: Time for Emotional Growth

Saturn’s Influence on the Zodiac Signs in 2024
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Saturn 2024
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Saturn will be in Pisces throughout 2024.
When Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, moves through the sign of Pisces, a door opens to deeper emotional understanding and spiritual growth. This phase invites us to explore our inner worlds and face our deepest feelings. It is a time when we learn to accept our emotions and understand and utilize them.

Zodiac signs and their priorities


Aries: patience and empathy

Dear Aries, use this time to practice patience. Saturn asks you to shift down a gear and listen deeply to yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your empathy.

Taurus: Letting go and trust

Taurus should learn to relinquish control and trust the universe. It's time to let go of old patterns and surrender to the flow of life.

Gemini: Communication on a deeper level

Geminis need to deepen their communication skills. Try to understand and express not only the words but also the feelings behind them.

Cancer: Strengthening the inner self

Cancers can work on their inner strength during this phase. It's about finding emotional security within yourself instead of looking for it on the outside.

Leo: Humility and inner growth

Leo should use this time to learn humility and come to terms with their true self. It is a time for inner growth and self-reflection.

Virgo: Healing and self-care

Virgos are called upon to look after their mental health. Healing and self-care are at the forefront of finding a healthy balance in life.


Libra: Relationships and harmony

For Libra, it's all about creating harmony in relationships. It's a time to resolve conflicts and form deeper bonds.

Scorpio: Transformation and letting go

Scorpios are in a phase of transformation. It's about letting go of the old and opening up to the new emotionally and spiritually.

Sagittarius: Philosophical explorations

Sagittarians should use this time to question and expand their philosophical beliefs. It is a time of spiritual expansion.

Capricorn: Responsibility and righteousness

Capricorns are required to take responsibility and act with integrity. It's about laying a solid foundation for the future.

Aquarius: Innovation and social relationships

Aquarians should use their creative energy to promote innovative ideas and strengthen social ties.

Pisces: Self-discovery and spirituality

This is a particularly intense time for Pisces. Use this phase for deep self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Saturn in the zodiac signs

Year Date Zodiac Sign Direction
  05-23-2021, 05:20 AM   retrograde
2022 06-04-2022, 05:46 PM   retrograde
  10-23-2022, 12:06 AM   direct motion
2023 03-07-2023, 08:34 AM Pisces  
  06-17-2023, 01:26 PM   retrograde
  11-04-2023, 03:02 AM   direct motion
2024 06-29-2024, 03:06 PM   retrograde
  11-15-2024, 09:20 AM   direct motion
2025 05-24-2025, 11:36 PM Aries  
  07-13-2025, 12:06 AM   retrograde
  09-01-2025, 04:04 AM Pisces  
  11-27-2025, 10:50 PM   direct motion
2026 02-13-2026, 07:10 PM Aries  
  07-26-2026, 03:55 PM   retrograde
  12-10-2026, 06:30 PM   direct motion
2027 08-09-2027, 02:05 PM   retrograde
  12-23-2027, 09:46 PM   direct motion
2028 04-12-2028, 11:38 PM Taurus  
  08-22-2028, 06:17 PM   retrograde

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