Zodiac Sign Libra

Charming libra is likeable and joyful!
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Libra is a positive zodiac sign (sign ♎). Predominantly positive characteristics are shown. Libra is subordinated to Venus, so he represents his charming, likable, understanding and artistic side of his personality. Goethe’s demand "to be noble, helpful and good" seems to fit for this zodiac sign. Libra women have a brightness from inside that reveals an inner beauty.

Birthday: 24th September – 23rd October
Predominant planet: Venus
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Temperament: Sanguine
Type: Artistic, harmonious and joyful Libra
Physical equivalence: kidney, bladder, spinal column [lower part], lymphatic system, cheeks, lips

Libra reflects inner peace and warmth – so it is written in his face as well. Libra likes to be in conviviality, and he is liked. His intuition and expertise help him to comprehend each situation. Libras have a good perception, powers of deduction and good rhetoric. Male Libra could appear arrogant because of his sense of sublime – in fact, that obstructs teamwork spirit

There is no good team spirit when someone – a Libra – intends to disturb by a superfluity of critiques and comments. But when he comes to know about his behavior he changes his behavior and is interested in avoiding trouble and distress. Sometimes he suffers from distress and becomes melancholic because he prefers harmony in life and at work as well.

His will to impose is strong – but not strong enough to carry out. In fact, he tries to use his intuition by acting in a diplomatic and smart way. Guided by the talent of observation, they can handle crucial situations.

Libra devotes himself to beauty, sublime and harmony. He is looking for a relationship to similar persons – maybe his devotion does not appear or become strong enough so profound connection fails, unfortunately. He has a keen sense of justice. Isolation is not okay for him – he needs interpersonal warmth. His desire to gain recognition concerning his social status is strong – when it is missed he becomes hurt and retires. Finally, it is to be said Libra is predominantly likable, convivial and gentle coevals.         

Positive qualities:
beautiful, modest, friendly, affectionate, jovial, optimistic, fair, helpful, idealistic and devoted.

Negative aspects:
careless, easy to be influenced, extravagant, quirky, idle, wasteful, changeable, moody and helpless.

Famous Libras are:
Anita Eckberg, William Faulkner, George Gershwin, Rita Hayworth, Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, Franz Liszt, Mahatma Gandhi, Brigitte Bardot, Heinrich von Kleist

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