Zodiac Sign Aries | Photo: © EpicStockMedia - stock.adobe.com

Aries - Zodiac Sign

Determined, factual, and willing to help!
Zodiac Sign Aries | Photo: © EpicStockMedia - stock.adobe.com

Aries - Zodiac Sign

Determined, factual, and willing to help! Scroll down

Facts about Aries

Birthday: 21st March – 20th April

Predominant planet: Mars

Gender: Male

Element: fire

Temperament: Choleric

Type: Leader

Physical equivalence: Head, muscular system

Aries - Zodiac Sign

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Aries (sign: ♈) is determined, factual, straight, willing to help. Aries is a fighter by nature and copes with every single problem in life. People of this zodiac sign are men of action. Before any others come to know to think about doing some work or a task the Aries is doing it.

Their talent or better skill to manage and to organize life is a great deal – it is a significant aspect. Most people the Aries as an uncomplicated coeval – strong emotion, moods, emotional instability seem to be far away from them.

In consideration of sexuality, they relish the opposite sex. Taurans have a strong feeling of possession. In every place, Aries appear they do represent the engine. There is no chance for stagnation. Of course, each zodiac sign is ambitious, but in the case of the three zodiac sign of fire, it is quite significant. With consideration of Sagittarian and Leo, the Aries is to find the first line together with his men. The Aries is collaborative and gives you a hand if required.     

The Aries is not a good friend of sensibility. The Aries has a part that is defiant, despotically, authoritative, rigid, and impatient. But in most cases there is the chance to talk – so it could be an honorable defeat. Their temperament is choleric, but they usually are not malicious.

By the way, however, people that not call Aries as friends, are inspired by their clarity and straightness.

Finally, it is to be said you will not change Aries or their attitudes – they're based on rigid rules. Aries are very self-convinced. There is only one chance: to accept them the way they are or to withdraw. 

Strengths of Aries are:

To be energetic, brave, fearless, strong, gallant, knightly, courageous, vivacious, and idealistic.

Weaknesses of Aries are:

Awkward, defiant, sullen, forward, stubborn, fractious, quarrelsome, unforgiving, resentful and intrusive.

Famous Aries are:

Peter Ustinov, Franz Lehar, Charlie Chaplin, Doris Day, Leonardo da Vinci, Anna Magnani, Lucrezia Borgia, Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Casanova, Maxim Gorki, Edgar Wallace, Gregory Peck

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