Zodiac sign Aries

Zodiac Sign Aries

Aries: Combative, Straightforward, Helpful and Strong-Willed
Zodiac sign Aries

Zodiac Sign Aries

Aries: Combative, Straightforward, Helpful and Strong-Willed

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Facts about Aries

Birthday: 21st March - 20th April

Ruling planet: Mars

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Temperament: Choleric

Type:  The leader

Physical correspondence: head, muscle system


Zodiac Sign Aries

Aries (Symbol: ♈) are straightforward people who are helpful, factual, and strong-willed. Likened to warriors, Aries people handle the difficulties of life with great strength. They are born to be active and are quite fierce. Before others know if they should take on the task, Aries is already doing it.

Aries' strength comes from their  capacity to bring talent and organization to life. Many people think of them as uncomplicated due to their innate and primal drive . High emotions are quite foreign to them and may have them wondering "why the water works?". However, their high passions lend them to be rather straight to the point with a flair of charisma, and quite stable in love. In every situation, they are the motor, there is no standstill for this zodiac sign!

Although all fire signs show leading qualities (such as fire signs  LeoSagittarius ), Aries tend to involve themselves in situations where they can fight side by side with their people. They are very helpful and will be happy to lend a hand if you need something from them. However, Aries people at times can be stubborn, defiant, impatient, bossy, and a little insensitive. Known for being hot headed, they do need to manage their tempers. Nevertheless, they are truly here for you and on your side, cheerleading you on.

Even those who may not get along with them are impressed by their ambitious approach to life. Their drive is unrivaled. However, you must accept Aries people as they are, their self-assured nature doesn't lend them to change often or for others. 

Aries is the first sign in the astrological zodiac . It stands for the beginning of spring , the awakening of nature and birth. In the astrological symbol, the upright horns are easily recognizable to display these signs fierce disposition. 

Zodiac sign Aries | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Orbon Alija

Aries have irrepressible energy.


They represent struggle and strength . Some astrologers also interpret the signs as a rune, representing a human who stretches both arms far from himself, symbolizing the beginning of life.

Aries + Profession

The Zodiac sign Aries seeks challenge in professional life.

Aries always needs a challenge in their professional life, and are looking for tasks and fields of activity in which they are allowed to prove their skills and where  their keen intellect is required . Sorting files every day is definitely not for them. Nothing makes them more stir crazy than lengthy, bureaucratic processes in which everything moves at a snails pace. They are representatives of quick decisions and spontaneous action. However, if they should face an annoying task, they won't hesitate to roll up their sleeves to get things done. They do not believe in stagnation, once they realize that there is a need for action, there is nothing that can stop them.

In business where processes move slow and meetings are dense and lengthy, will inevitably cause frustration in Aries-born people. Ideally, they are looking for a varied working place and pace that offers new challenges every day. They are also ideal candidates for leadership positions . If they can make their own decisions and set the pace, they are happy. Thanks to their enthusiasm and dynamism, they effortlessly motivate their employees who respect their leadership abilities. Aries will need to learn how to manage their rapid energy, especially with long-term projects - often many can be left behind and unfinished. 

A perfect job for them can be found in a position that allows them to experience competition, independence, and developing new ideas . These qualities are highly sought after within a company or self-employed. This is especially true in the field of music, the fine arts, in medicine, or any other field where energy, courage, a fighting and pioneering spirit are needed.

Aries needs challenge and variety | Photo: (c) lucky1984 - stock.adobe

Aries needs challenge and variety


The Aries Child

Aries children love activity! On the playground, the little whirlwinds can let off steam.

If we are dealing with an Aries child, we will undoubtedly be more challenged than with other zodiac sign children. Since Aries-born little ones like fighting and competition early on, and like to measure their strength with their parents,  they can react to rules quite defiantly. They are happy to square-off with their parents and resist regulation. Patience, perseverance, and inner peace are necessary for Aries' parents to deal with such handfuls. Though, even little Aries has to learn to respect boundaries.

At school, they are particularly excited when exercise comes into play whether it be  physical training, class trips , or computational games . Whenever it comes to speed or a small competition , the Aries child is on fire! Their minds can often work faster than the other children's and one success just isn't enough; they need it again and again. Learning and education work best with them on a success and praise level. They always want to try everything quickly and are considered true autodidacts. It is not surprising if they try to teach themselves to play an instrument and often go about teaching themselves unconventionally. When the passion to pursue grabs them, they almost always succeed.

However, quiet tasks and spending ample time sitting, is challenging for Aries . Even when it comes to detailed work, they get bored quite quickly. They are more interested in significant tasks that bring about a challenge. Aries children are lively  and can quickly get excited about something, and just as quickly take action. If you aren't careful, they will already be in the next room, drawing on the wall with their pencils! It's not uncommon that their work remains an unfinished masterpiece since the next idea already has them running off to the next best thing. 

Zodiac sign Aries | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Kharchenko_irina7

An Aries child can be stubborn.


As for books, they especially prefer  fairy tale books, knight in shining armor, and hero stories . This ignites adventurous dreams and helps them recover from the excitement of the day.

The Aries child wishes for a strong father who knows how to assert himself. He keeps calm even when faced with confrontation and can manage his temper, never allowing it to get the best of him. 

Aries in Love

Man or woman, Aries people prefer to see themselves in the role of conquerors. The harder to get, the more the fire is kindled. So if you are interested in an Aries man or woman, perhaps be subtle in your attraction. Aries people like challenges in love as well as in profession. They can succeed with creativity in courtship and pay much attention to their partners. However, they are not overbearing and have a charming and pleasant nature that can be liked to old, courtly traditions. At heart, Aries are still knights: noble, polite, and faithful. They show up in a big way for their beloveds.

It is not surprising that, especially Aries men, can develop a tremendous protective instinct. They quickly feel responsible for the welfare of loved ones and defend them honorably against any attacks and injustices. 

If the Aries man or woman has found the right life partner, they are eager to develop a stable relationship and a long-standing partnership. Once they have chosen a mate, they are convinced that they have discovered the love of their life. They will do everything to show their partner, time and time again, just how important he or she is. Aries people are romantic, caring, and are highly family oriented.  When children arise in the relationship, this reveals Aries' child-like wonder and feeds their inner child's soul. 

Aries like to take the initiative | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Kharchenko_irina7

Aries like to take the initiative


Aries women often do not find sole fulfillment in the household. Instead, they desire new challenges. It's really no wonder if they manage a successful company in addition to the family as they inevitably get bored with housework. Female Aries are easily known as the so-called Wonder Woman, are highly independent, and do not cling to a man. Just like male Aries, they too love variety.

The relationship with an Aries will hardly be boring. Their drive for action and movement will ensure that you'll never be bored with routine, as they bring fun and flare to any occasion! Keeping up with an Aries' energy is not for the faint of heart, and one should know that Aries can be quite self-centered. Sometimes they do not even notice that they hurt their partner and are behaving like a bull in a china shop. Diplomacy, Libra's strong suit, is a foreign concept to Aries. Finding compromises is difficult for them, but do have patience for Aries - they will eventually come around. 

The jealousy of Aries

Aries + Passion 

In the bedroom, Aries men and women know what they want and are not afraid to say it. If they want something from their partners, they will let them know. They are more dominant and like to take the lead. Extended foreplay is usually not for the fiery Aries, but of course, their heart does desire romance. Whether an Aries man or woman, they like to take the initiative. They often take the first initiative when flirting and even in the case of refusal, they will not be discouraged. On the contrary, their desire for challenge is activated and since Aries people love adventure, they are not opposed to exciting one-night encounters. Within a relationship, it is essential that their love life continues to be varied and stays exciting!

Aries Birthdays

March 21st - April 20th

Aries is ruled by Mars. | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Kharchenko_irina7

Aries is ruled by Mars.

Famous Aries

Lady Gaga, Ewan McGregor, Russel Crowe, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Charlemagne, Charlie Chaplin, Otto von Bismarck, Doris Day, Leonardo da Vinci, Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Casanova, Maxim Gorki, Edgar Wallace, Gregory Peck

Birthday on March 21st: Dirk von Lowtzow , Timothy Dalton , Mandy Capristo (* 1990), Jean Paul (1763 - 1825), Erich Mendelsohn (1887 - 1953), Hans-Dietrich Genscher (* 1927), Rosie O'Donnell (* 1962), Matthew Broderick (* 1962)

Birthday on 22nd March: Bruno Ganz,   Reese Witherspoon, Antoon van Dyck (1599 - 1641), Wilhelm I. (1797 - 1888), William Shatner (* 1931), Stephen Sondheim (* 1930)

Aries Rising Signs

Aries Sun Aries Rising
Photo: © Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock.com

The person born with this combination has a fierce personality and desire to conquer whatever they need to in order to get what they want. There is a double-Mars (which rules Aries) effect, which can be passionate and assertive.  read more

Aries Sun Taurus Rising
Photo: © selenit - stock.adobe.com

The Aries Sun Taurus Rising person is strong-willed and has a strong mind. Aries impulsivity is toned down and calmed with Taurus energy.  read more

Aries Sun Gemini Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/NeonShot

An Aries Sun, Gemini Rising is a delightful combination of two masculine signs, one Mutable (Gemini) and one Cardinal (Aries), supporting each other as Air and Fire. This is an Aries that loves to outsmart its competitors!  read more

Aries Sun Cancer Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/FG Trade

The Aries Sun Cancer Rising person is someone who leads with an open heart nurturing and taking care of those that follow them.  read more

Aries Sun Leo Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/recep-bg

This produces a dynamic and flamboyant personality that never gives up, and is bold and proud, forever a fighter and not a “flighter.” Here Ares (Mars-Aries) and Apollo (Sun-Leo) join forces in beautiful harmony.  read more

Aries Sun Virgo Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/FG Trade

The Aries Sun Virgo Rising person is the leader that gets to the top of the command chain with exceptional service and a positive attitude towards work. Find out more!  read more

Libra Rising/Aries Sun
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Portra

When looking upon this combination, you may think the person with such combining signs would be complicated. After all, peace-loving Libra and war-loving Aries are completely opposite to one another. Find out all there is to know!  read more

Aries Sun Scorpio Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AlexeyVladimir

Before Pluto was discovered in 1930, Mars co-ruled Scorpio together with Aries. This Aries personality is one of the most formidable, not to be crossed!  read more

Aries Sun Sagittarius Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Staras

This makes for a fierce combination. You have two very powerful players here – Zeus (Jupiter – Sagittarius), ruler of the gods, and his son Ares (Mars), god of war. This is a powerful Aries with a strong conscience.   read more

Aries Sun Capricorn Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Burak Can Oztas

There is automatically a restriction in the personality here. As much as Aries wants to charge forward and do things impulsively, Capricorn rising holds this person back so that they can think of their consequences. Find out all there is to know!  read more

Aries Sun Aquarius Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/FG Trade

“To boldly go where no man has gone before” is a tagline from the series and movie “Star Trek,” which is all about aliens and technology, and fits in perfectly with this combination. (William Shatner played captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek for years, and has this combination).  read more

Aries Sun Pisces Rising
Photo: © istockphoto.com/PeopleImages

Aries Sun Pisces Rising is the romantic dreamer of the Zodiac. They take great action to make sure everything they fantasize about comes true. Find out more!  read more


Facts about Aries

Birthday: 21st March - 20th April

Ruling planet: Mars

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Temperament: Choleric

Type:  The leader

Physical correspondence: head, muscle system

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