01. the entrepreneur

Trust in your abilities then you will achieve your goals by means of talent, drive and inventive creativity.

the entrepreneur | fate tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The card entrepreneur shows a successful male person. He is calm, relaxed and full of inner strength and represents self-confidence. The light bulb above his head embodies a lamp that symbolizes inventiveness, imaginativeness, a creative spirit. The car represents progress and mobility in mental and physical aspect.      


01. the entrepreneur - Meaning


Trust in your abilities then you will achieve your goals by means of talent, drive and inventive creativity. The hierophant/ entrepreneur represents creative strength which lies in everyone. We are requested to come to know about our personal strength and release it. Hence we will counter challenges by attracting positive energy and self-confidence. This tarot card shows that it is really important to seize the initiative but it is not difficult because we are confident and full of decisiveness. Enthusiasm and determination open your mind about new things and pass them to each other. The entrepreneur lies in everyone of us but we have to release him and should find our own way.     

Negative aspects

Negative aspect of the tarot card the entrepreneur warns of impatience and strong egoism. The intention is to go your own way but not to the disadvantage of others. Its expression shows manipulation and overestimation of one's own capabilities.  


When you are in the centre of yourself you will represent a significant power of attraction that means attraction regarding sexual attributes as well. Now then it is the crucial time to meet new people, to find new contacts. It must be clear to experience what you finally want to do. The entrepreneur represents strong will and self-actualization. In your relationship the time is right to make a pleasant surprise and you have the proper idea what it should be.    


The entrepreneur represents the tarot card of independence and professional advanced development. It spots the ideal time to start with new projects. Improve your personal standing. Use your creative capability and success will emerge. You act in a confident way and will be getting succeeded in by creative solutions. Constructive and innovative development in combination with communicative talent makes good teamwork and gives presentation a favoured opportunity and performance.           

Opposite view

Psychic lability, mental lability, apathy, weakness, deception

01. the entrepreneur - Card of the day

The entrepreneur as your daily card requests you to trust in your own strength, abilities and ideas. Today is the approximate day to realize long lasting plans to approximate to your personal goals. The entrepreneur supports your communication and collaboration. Don’t be afraid to give lectures and speeches today – that succeeds, you are convincing!   

Astrologic correspondence tarot


I-Ching correspondence tarot

KIEN: creativeness


Inventiveness, drive, energy, self-confidence, skill, fate, independence, self-reliance, management, manager, creativity, progress, advance, success

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