The tarot card strength symbolizes inner strength and the energy of life.


The tarot card strength symbolizes inner strength and the energy of life.

The card

The tarot card strength shows the galloping black horse. It is full of energy and full of joys of life.


The tarot card strength symbolizes inner strength and the energy of life.

It shows that in each single modern human being it is to be found animal instincts. These are to let out and to use and integrate into normal life. It means to handle and to control this energy for something positive in life concerning decisiveness and passion.  


The tarot card strength requests of being courageous and to handle problems and obstacles. It requests to run through barricades by the will of decisiveness - it symbolizes energy that encourages.



Negative aspects

You must be careful for direct eligible tracks. It is important that you do not give in temptations. If you act careless without regard you won’t be welcome anyway.

In case of that your kind of passion or strength is not welcome anymore. Then the reaction would be exaggerated concerning moral and sensuality.


The card symbolizes a passionate interest in a person, relationship or affair. You are full of energy and joys of life. So you are really attractive by the way – especially for the opposite sex – your energy communicates on other persons or projects. Strength could show ardent and intensive tendencies. But – by the way it could impact discussion and drama as well – and this may also be a kind of passion – if you would like to draw it into consideration. Problems within a relationship should be resolved by a determined and optimistic mind.  



No person is allowed to obstruct! You are determined and passionate and courageous with affairs of the heart.

Regarding a balance – it is afforded by instincts and convenience. You should act out of conviction – and with regard. If you do not care for that – you will not be welcome anymore. You should try to control your instinct, passion and desires. In the end there will be a good atmosphere around your places. Old fears will be disappeared.

Opposite view

Fear, angst, instability, lack of restraint

Strength - Card of the day

Take care that you do not lose control! You are inspired by passion and vitality. Obstacles disappear by ease and plans and projects are welcome. You have an impact on everyone – it makes no difference man or woman – all is filled by a trace of energy and optimism.

Astrologic correspondence tarot



Passion, instinct, courage, decisiveness, will, energy, optimism, confidence, vitality, joys of life, drama, inner strength


Great Arkana

The great Arkana consists of 22 symbol tarot cards. They represent significant changes of consideration in life. The cards start with “0” and end with “21” – the fulfillment. These cards represent comparably the journey of life.

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