The tarot card symbolized  clearness,  reliance, confidence, vision and perspectives.

tarot card Star at fate tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

In the foreground of the tarot card star you see a sparkling water source.  A jaw filled up to the rim is located on the banks. Water represented creativity and gives opportunity – like a cornucopia full of wisdom. The view to the stars and a wide open space – the sky full of stars – a firmament that is like a heaven of opportunities and various perspectives. So it is.

Star - Meaning


The tarot card symbolized clearness, reliance, confidence, vision and perspectives. It corresponded to the source of life which gives all the energy and creativity. The star sensitises to our inner sight, vision, dream, wish, desire and foresight. These attributes reveal calmness and contentment.

Confirmative energy brought to us and let us achieve vision, ideas and plans. Projects could be realized and confirmed by our own flow of inspiration. That spirit of innovation and inspiration quicken our soul and fire someone’s imagination. Concepts of arts are flowing and realization with heart and belief in something new and wish to harmonize. 

The star invites us full ofconfidence and reliance we are looking ahead. Hence the time has come for all these interests and projects: you follow the star and hoping it would be the lucky star.


Negative aspects

The dark side of this card confides to us that problems could be solved by an initial and ancient source – contrary someone’s own persuasion and maybe something like an inner voice to be ignored. So we remain on the surface and do not immerse into deeper water beyond.


After tempest crowned with inquietude and upheavals the star brightens your love life and accomplished satisfaction in affection. Late and current relationships of couples are sailing under the lucky star. The frame of it could spell long-lasting happiness with a permanent effect after a journey of initiation. Single people could be offered a chance and a challenge to gain sustainability in their confrontations.  


A perfect mixture:  you feel the urge to realize whatever your creativity spells. Current and future topics come to know and must be blessed with success.  

Opposite view

Obstinacy, arrogance, neglect, indifference, defeat, dejection and uncertainty

Star - Card of the day

The star symbolized clearness, creativity and vision. This could be the perfect day to start implementing your own vision. In detail: it does not matter what to do, but do it. It flows through  you – it appears in an optimistic and confidential manner.  

Astrologic correspondence tarot

Saturn in 11th house

I-Ching correspondence tarot

61. JUNG FU / inner trust


Creativity, imagination, vision, perspective, happiness, inner sight, achievement, harmony, hope, dream, desire, wish, confidence, reliance, calmness and contentment.

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Great Arkana © Verlag Franz
Photo: © Verlag Franz

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