The Moon in Capricorn

A Moon in the sign of Capricorn makes you sensitive, warm and driven towards professional success.
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Moon in Capricorn
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Purposeful Capricorn Moon

A Moon in Capricorn leaves you wanting to achieve the finer things in life and achieve a sense of self-made greatness. But, because your work takes precedence, this leaves no time for the true feelings that want to be processed; instead, you hold back and hide. Having this placement can also leave you feeling inadequate if you don’t feel like the ultimate authority on a subject-- remember that it’s okay to go back and polish your skills to remain a person that people look to for guidance.


Therefore, people often think that Capricorns are born aloof and are somewhat cold. But, on the contrary, this is not the case. Capricorn Moon’s are compassionate and warm people, but they only show this side to people who have worked hard and won their trust. Trust is an essential factor to a Capricorn Moon, and it isn’t easy to win. People may often think you are cold or aloof because you don’t express your true feelings unless you can be sure you know the people you are talking with. It’s typical to hide when you feel exposed; just remember those around you encourage you to express outwardly.

You know that life is not a game- it's serious. You may find it hard to cope with life's daily trials and tribulations, so leaning on your support system is critical. Capricorn Moon's fight against insecurity with an intense strive for success. Comfort comes when material resources are plenty and that gradually achieving your goals comes through hard work and patience.

Even in relationships, it's not easy for you to show feelings because it requires a lot of trust in others, and you might suspect others don't take it as seriously as you do. However, it’s important to remember that we all put in hard work to be loved and accepted, so giving someone a chance would be in your best interests.


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