Moon sign Pisces

The Moon in Pisces

People with the Moon in the sign of Pisces are receptive towards all living beings, believe in the greatness in others, and are psychically sensitive.
Moon sign Pisces

The Moon in Pisces

People with the Moon in the sign of Pisces are receptive towards all living beings, believe in the greatness in others, and are psychically sensitive.

The Moon in Pisces

Dreamy Pisces Moon

When you have a Pisces Moon, you start to notice the difficulty of separating from the emotions and feelings of others-- empathic is the word that describes this expression. However, it’s not a lost cause having all this natural connectivity, and you’ll find yourself able to read a room with precision and accuracy-- as long as you slow down to hone in on this skill.

There is a slight propensity for delusion when born with a Moon in Pisces. The issue is that you may find yourself unable to distinguish or shield yourself from other’s energies. The lesson is not repeatedly to lose yourself in others’ fluctuations and emotions but to know when to step away to stay healthy. Comfort is improved when your environment resembles peace and serenity-- organization, cleanliness, and open space will soothe your mind and nervous system.

Intrinsically there is a desire to do something good for others and society at large-- a natural born desire to serve the masses. While this can be beneficial in the best circumstances, it can leave the Pisces Moon drained or scattered-- grounding yourself in nature can solve this issue in minutes. Many people are attracted to a Pisces Moon's kind and loving nature because it's not difficult to feel comfortable and build trust with and frequently results in people drawn to your loving energy and inclusive nature.

The Pisces Moon in a relationship is emotional and sensitive. You may find yourself at times experiencing intense seductive, tender, and romantic feelings towards the one you truly feel “one” with-- remember to stay grounded and communicative. It’s easy to enjoy togetherness and believe in the greatness of love having been born with a Pisces Moon. These energies can be "doubled" or more intense when a Pisces Sun is born with a Pisces Moon.


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