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Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising – The Diplomatic Leader

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising
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The Diplomatic Leader
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Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising – The Diplomatic Leader

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) meet in this combination. In Greek mythology, Saturn is the great Titan Cronos, father of time, while Uranus is Ouranos, great father of the sky and father to all the Titans and gods. Therefore, this is a very powerful combination indeed.


Capricorn is an introverted feminine Cardinal sign, while Aquarius is an extroverted masculine Fixed sign. Both are big thinkers, and when combined, this Capricorn can accomplish the most extraordinary things.

How to Recognize Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising

A Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising is always eccentric in how they dress – look at the late David Bowie and Janis Joplin. They can be very beautiful, or just awkward looking. They are not necessarily very tall and will dress in anything they’re in the mood for – as long as it makes them stick out and show that they are individuals, not sheep who follow the crowd.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising Career

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Ascendants have Cancer ruling their 6th house of everyday work and Scorpio ruling their 10th house of career. Therefore, once they have decided on a career path, they become extremely driven and intense about it.

They make good private detectives and psychiatrists as well as therapists and nurses. These people are also good data analysts in the IT world. Music nurtures them in their 4th house of family, (ruled by Taurus), so many become musicians as they find it so comforting for their soul.


Capricorn Sun Aquarius Risings also do well in any business connected to humanitarian efforts and charitable causes.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising Health

Since Cancer rules their health, these people need to be in, or near, water to relax the most. Whether they take a hot shower or bath after an exhausting day, both will relax them immensely. Swimming laps in the pool and enjoying the ocean water are also recommended.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising
Photo: © midjourney

For the women of this exclusive combination, yearly mammograms must be taken at the recommended age, and the men of the group must exercise their pectoral muscles, as this part of the body can put on weight.

Food containing magnesium, potassium, and calcium is highly recommended to maintain strong bones and weight training is a must.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising Love

For this person, love resides with Leo’s energy, which rules their 7th house of marriage, love, and relationships. They need a person in their life who is independent, generous, loving, sexual, creative and eventually wants children (although not ALL Capricorn Sun Aquarius Risings want children).


Leos make a sizzling match, and Sagittarians, Capricorns, Aquarians, and Pisceans make best friends. Aries are not the best match, although they do bring a lot of excitement to the relationship, and Geminis are okay in the beginning, but this Capricorn may tire of them if they are too talkative.

Taureans make a good match at first but are sometimes too stubborn for this Capricorn, and Virgos can work, though the Capricorn will always get the upper hand in the relationship. Certain Cancerians can work provided their Venus is in Leo, or their Ascendant and Moon are in an Air sign.

Librans can work; however, they may want to push the idea of marriage too soon on this Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising.

How Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aquarius Rising, this person should wake up meditating and focusing on their future goals, what they can bring to the world, and how they can improve themselves. A gratitude prayer is always best.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising
Photo: © midjourney

They should then hit the gym for some laps in the pool and weight training, have a relaxing shower, and eat food that isn’t too heavy on their digestion. Coffee is fine, as long as they only stick to one or two cups, and they will enjoy looking through their social media feeds for a few minutes to relax and connect with friends before starting the work day.

Famous Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising People

Well-known Capricorn Sun Aquarius Ascendant people include the late brilliant and eccentric English Grammy Award-winning musician, songwriter, and actor David Bowie, English actor Orlando Bloom, and the late beautiful multiple Grammy Award-nominated American R&B singer Aaliyah.

The late brilliant musician Janis Joplin is also a Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising, as well as the late American rapper Mac Miller, American Grammy Award-winning musician Meghan Trainor and the famous boxer and daughter of the late heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali.  


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