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Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising – The Sensitive “Goat”

The Sensitive “Goat”
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Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising
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Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising – The Sensitive “Goat”

This is an interesting combination, as Capricorn and Cancer oppose each other naturally. Here, Saturn and the Moon combine to make an interesting and serious person who is disciplined but holds a lot of emotion.


Saturn is known as Cronos in Greek mythology, the god of time, and the Moon is known as Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and chastity, related to the Moon. Artemis teaches Cronos to open his heart in this combination, as Capricorns can be very cold when you meet them at first.

Capricorn is a feminine, Cardinal Earth sign, while Cancer is a feminine, Cardinal Water sign. The two are good for each other – even though they oppose one another. All that oppositions mean in Astrology is that the one sign craves skills that the opposing sign has – and there is often mutual attraction. 

How to Recognize Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising

Capricorn Sun Cancer Ascendant people are often between 5”9-5”11 inches tall. Many have blue or green eyes and light brown hair. They have quite pronounced cheekbones, and some even have delightful moon-shaped faces.

You will see them smile often and they tend to wear blue jeans and earth-color clothes. They need to be comfortable at all times but when they are out at a club or an event, they can dress extremely fancy in designer clothes. They also often wear rings and pendants with crystals.


Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Career

A Capricorn Sun Cancer Ascendant has Sagittarius ruling their 6th house of everyday work, and Aries ruling their 10th house of career. This person needs to be a leader in their career, and often likes to work independently from home, so remote work suits them well.

They may be involved in the media industry where content writing and editing is their forte, as well as managing social media. The travel industry also appeals to them, and they may even become air stewards and stewardesses during their 20s before they settle down.

Personal training is also an avenue that appeals to them, especially if they can be seen on social media and eventually sponsored this way. Opening a restaurant may also be their destiny, as they may study to be a chef in the culinary world. They may also be attracted to the world of interior décor.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Health

Sagittarius rules the health of this person, so they need to watch out for weight gain in the hip area. They may also accumulate a lot of cellulite if they don’t drink enough water or work out, and eat a lot of junk food.


They can really put on a lot of weight, so regular exercise is advised – even one hour a day is important for them.  They should also carry healthy snacks, such as almonds and celery sticks with them wherever they go, as they are the type of people that like to constantly munch.

They may be very emotional and sensitive people due to Cancer Rising’s influence and it’s important they stay away from too much alcohol and recreational drugs, and really take care of their mental health.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Love

When it comes to love, the Water and Earth signs do best here. Capricorn rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage, so they tend to attract and be attracted to older or younger people – often those who have a lot of capital and power.

Capricorns make great matches, as well as Cancers, Pisceans, Scorpios, Taureans and Virgos. There are friendships to be had with Sagittarians and Aquarians. There will be plays for power with Leos, and Aries aren’t a great match at all, because of their risk-taking and impulsive ways.


Geminis don’t make the best match here, and neither do Librans.

How Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day

It’s important that this person wakes up in peace with a lot of quiet around them. They should play a gratitude meditation off their phones on YouTube and get into the correct mindset for the day. They should then do some laps in a pool or fun exercise for an hour, such as dancing or aerobics which they can enjoy.

After they shower, once they get home, they should walk their dog or play with their cat (pets are important to them) and get out in nature in the sun, with the grass under their feet, for a while.

They should then eat a healthy breakfast – something with blueberries and pumpkin seeds, or even healthy granola with vegan milk and green tea. They need to get their day started in good health to function best, as their nervous system is tender and they need to look after their mental health.

Famous Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising People

Well-known people who have Capricorn Sun Cancer Ascendants include Australian-born actor Mel Gibson and American actress Kate Bosworth. The late famous science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, also had this combination.  90’s supermodel Carla Bruni Sarkozy is also a Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising.


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