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Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising – The Empathetic Ruler

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising
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Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising – The Empathetic Ruler

In this beautiful combination, Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) and Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) meet. In Greek mythology, Saturn is Cronos, the great Titan, and Neptune is Poseidon, god of the ocean and son of Cronus.


Both Capricorn and Pisces are introverted feminine signs. However, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, while Pisces is a Mutable Water sign.

How to Recognize Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising

Capricorn Sun Pisces Ascendants usually have oval faces and almond-shaped eyes. You will find them wearing earth-colored tones and many blues. They like to wear fashionable and comfortable clothes that make them feel free from conformity.

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising
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They are quite open and friendly but can be guarded at times when meeting strangers, as they don’t trust people easily.

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising Career

Leo rules Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising’s 6th house of everyday work, and Sagittarius rules their 10th house of career. Therefore, this person is very creative and needs to bring that into their work. They may be educators who work with children.

They may also be involved in the world of media, advertising, marketing, writing, travel and social media management. This person needs to have a lot of fun in their career and may also end up on stage acting or even walking the catwalk as a model.


No matter what, they are ambitious and tenacious and work hard towards their career goals.  

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising Health

This person’s health is ruled by Leo and therefore they need to eat a lot of heart-healthy food, and do lots of aerobic exercise. However, it is recommended to visit a doctor first before partaking in any aerobic activity that really gets the heart pumping fast.

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising
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They also need to do different routines during the week as to avoid getting bored. They enjoy all exercise that takes place in water, so swimming laps in the pool is also suggested. It’s also important that this Capricorn stays away from too much caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs, as their nervous systems are quite vulnerable.

They can suffer from depression quite easily, so sugar avoidance is best, and weeks full of exercise are recommended. Therapy is also advised for this Capricorn to help them feel cared for.

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising Love

Virgo rules their 7th house of love, marriage and relationships and this person prefers dating someone who values their work and is of service to others. They appreciate a partner who is clean and neat, and keeps their environment tidy. They also prefer a partner that is quite humble, and healthy. Therefore, Virgos make fantastic partners.


Pisceans also make great partners, as well as Cancerians, Scorpios, Taureans and Capricorns. Sagittarians, Aquarians and Aries make for good friends, while there isn’t too much familiarity with Leos, Librans and Geminis.

How Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces Rising, this person needs to wake up feeling safe and secure. They enjoy waking up with their pets in their bed, or their partner and children.

It’s good for them to ground themselves and offer a gratitude prayer, followed by a glass of water with a slice of lemon, followed by a cup of warm green tea. They should then hit the gym and do an aerobics class followed by some laps in the pool, shower and then eat a breakfast full of whole grains, healthy proteins, vegetables and fruit.

Before working, they should spend some time in the garden, literally feeling their bare feet on the grass and getting some sunshine before starting their work day. 

Famous Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising People

Well-known celebrities with a Capricorn Sun and a Pisces Rising include musician and ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik, Indian actor Salman Khan, the late notorious American gangster Al Capone, the late American actress Mary Tyler Moore, and the late American actor Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy fame.    


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