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Capricorn Sun Libra Rising – The Ultimate Judge

The Ultimate Judge
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Capricorn Sun Libra Rising
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Capricorn Sun Libra Rising – The Ultimate Judge

Capricorn is about authority and judgment, and Libra is about truth, judgment, justice, and finding the balance in life that weighs between good and evil. In this match, Saturn and Venus meet. Saturn is the great Titan Cronos in Greek mythology and Venus is the love goddess, Aphrodite.


Capricorn is rarely highly emotional and Libra Rising gives this Capricorn objective views on life and an extremely rational mind. Capricorn is a feminine, Cardinal Earth sign, while Libra is a masculine, Cardinal Air sign.   

How to Recognize Capricorn Sun Libra Rising

These people are often very beautiful with symmetrical facial features and sharp cheekbones. They can also be quite tall. They like to dress in classic outfits that stand the test of time and enjoy designer wear, white being one of their favorite colors.

Capricorn Sun Libra Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Capricorn Sun Libra Ascendants have calm energy and eyes that convey a serious mood. They never “fluff” their words and say mean they say.

Capricorn Sun Libra Rising Career

This person has Pisces ruling their 6th house of everyday work and Cancer ruling their 4th house of career. Therefore, careers dealing with the environment, nursing, and creative work such as modeling, acting, and singing all apply.

People with this combination also make fantastic judges and lawyers, as well as politicians, architects, interior designers, and decorators. Psychology and psychiatry will also appeal to this person, as well as astronomy and the esoteric arts.


Capricorn Sun Libra Rising Health

Pisces rules this person’s health, so it is important that they don’t turn to alcohol and recreational drugs when they feel like they need to escape, or are depressed. Regular exercise and healthy eating are important for them. A few laps every day in a swimming pool and long walks in nature are ideal.

It’s also very important that this person take good care of their feet, such as warming them up and cooling them down before and after exercise, as well as going for regular pedicures and wearing comfortable footwear. They should always hydrate and drink lots of water. Having pets nearby will calm them.

Capricor Sun Libra Rising
Photo: © midjpurney

Capricorn Sun Libra Rising Love

Aries rules this person’s house of love and marriage, so they are looking for someone who is a leader, strong, exciting and adventurous. Sagittarius and Aquarians make for best friends while Librans work well.

Taurus can work here, as well as Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Virgo and Capricorn also work well. Gemini and Leos can also work! Best matches are Scorpios, Capricorns and Librans. 


How Capricorn Sun Libra Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Libra Rising, these people like waking up to beautiful surroundings. They like white linen and plush white cushions with sunlight shining down on them.

It’s important for them to meditate and say a gratitude prayer before getting out of bed to drink some herbal tea, exercise, eat a delicious and healthy breakfast, and start their day feeling great!

Famous Capricorn Sun Libra Rising People

People who are Capricorn Sun Libra Ascendants include the late physicist, mathematician, and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton, the late British cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking, as well as American Oscar Winning actor and film director Denzel Washington.

The late American actor Cary Grant, supermodel Helena Christensen, and French actor Omar Sy were all born Capricorn Suns Libra Risings. The band R.E.M’s lead singer Michael Stipe is also a Capricorn Sun Libra Rising, as well as the late Queen, Catherine of Aragon, American journalist Katie Couric, and the late Henry IV of France. The late American president Thomas Woodrow Wilson, as well as the late musician and physician Albert Schweitzer also had this combination.   


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