Ascendant Aries

Keen energy and assertiveness is part of persons with ascendant Aries.
Ascendant Aries | Photo: © Maridav -

Keen energy and assertiveness is part of persons with ascendant Aries. They deal with problems without doubts and full of enthusiasm – and they want to reach their goals without detours. Indecision and irresolution are rare attributes.  

New and unexplored conditions appeal a special excitement. Inside them there is to be found spirit of a pioneer and adventuresomeness. He is a discoverer without doubts towards spontaneity. He inspired by his enthusiasm. In case of neglecting his rivalry and competitiveness he can be a good motivator and team player for common development.      

He likes to arrange for social cooperative issues. Together with environmental quests he performs and acts. He is a character that communicates and provides new energy. Toward other persons he is clear – clearly structured as well – and open-minded. Those who are asking for advice will not be disappointed. He shows no distraction and has no trick player qualities.  

Negative expressions of his outgoing personality are inconsiderateness and egoism -under these circumstances he can be offending as well.

If he should recognize the achievement of his goals endangered – then his excessive energy actually could be running out of control – by this change distrust and aggressiveness.

So he would be turning to irascible and violent-tempered. Obstinately he looks for the unpleasant confrontation.

Descendent to Aries is Libra. He makes persons more considerable to the needs of other persons.

Positive characteristics

energetic, optimistic, brave, keen, strong, chilvalrous, vivacious. They are full of: assertiveness, courage, action, thirst of adventure and dynamism.

Negative aspects

irascible, defiant, resentful, cantankerous, destructive, obstinate, obtrusive, aggressive, comparativeness, egoism and inconsiderateness. 

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