Aries Ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Great energy and assertiveness
Aries Ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Great energy and assertiveness

Aries Ascendant

People with Aries ascendant radiate high energy and assertiveness. They tackle the problems of everyday life without hesitation and are full of energy. In doing so, they want to get to their destination without any major detours. Indecision and long decision-making phases are rare for them.

The new and unexplored is particularly appealing to the Aries ascendant born. They have a great thirst for discovery and adventure, and they are not scared of changes.  With enthusiasm and spontaneity, they can influence other people and carry them away. If they forget the idea of competition, they are often the drivers for joint developments.

They are also happy to be involved in social issues. Acting and communicating with everyone around always give them new positive energy and great pleasure. The Aries Ascendant is honest and open to other people. If you ask them for advice, you will get an equally correct answer. They don't pretend and show themselves as they are.

But at times, they can also appear ruthless and selfish. Not everyone can cope with their open manner, which can be very hurtful. And if they see themselves and their goals endangered, their infinite energy can also express itself quickly as aggressiveness and distrust. They can easily break out in anger and go on a course of confrontation full of reluctance.

The descendant to the Aries ascendant is Libra. It causes people with Aries ascendants to pay more attention to the needs of others and to act less ruthlessly in their lives when implementing their projects. This is a lovely property that can open many doors.

Positive characteristics:
They are energetic, optimistic, bold, fearless, stable, generous, spirited, idealistic, assertive, courageous, full of zest for action and lust for adventure

Negative traits:
They tend to be angry, defiant, resentful, quarrelsome, destructive, headstrong, pushy, aggressive, competitive, selfish, reckless

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Ascendant and descendent at
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Rising Sign - Ascendant

The ascendant (or rising sign) is the second most important astrological sign in a horoscope. Learn the meaning of each sign.

Aries Ascendant

Great energy and assertiveness

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